A letter from Timothy Morgan Owen appeared in the Standard on 25 June & then in the Rhyl Advertiser on 3 July 1897

The original article the week before had been published for the 60th anniversary of the Queen's reign.


Your article upon the Queen’s Pedigree is – though a most interesting one – somewhat complicated. Permit me to remark that it is not generally known that the Continental descent of our Empress-Queen is through Judith, a daughter of King Charles the Bold of France, who was the grandson of Charlemagne. Ethelwulf (the father of Alfred the Great), on his way back from Rome (where Alfred was consecrated and anointed King, at the age of four years, by Pope Leo), paid a visit to Charles, and married Judith, who was then twelve years old. Judith, after some sensational experiences, married (as her third husband) Baldwin, the great Forester of France; he became Earl of Flanders. From Baldwin and Judith descended Judith (sister of Matilda, wife of William I), who first married Tosti (brother of the sublimely patriotic King Harold) and afterwards Guelph IV of Brunswick. This Judith and this Guelph are the source of Her Majesty’s Continental descent.
Her English, Welsh and Scotch descent is through Margaret (the offspring of the union of the Red and White Roses – in the person of Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York), who married James IV of Scotland,

and whose descendant Sophia (granddaughter of James I of England) – by her marriage with the Elector of Hanover – united the various branches of her Imperial Majesty’s genealogical tree. Their son George I was elected by the House of Commons King of England through the casting vote of a Welsh MP. If he had not arrived in time – riding on horseback from Pembrokeshire to London – doubtless the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of yesterday (the outcome of world-wide and magnificently spontaneous loyalty) would not have taken place nor would Wales, now enjoying the proud privilege of having received one Jubilee "honour". One vote (although it gave a throne to the House of Brunswick) has had its just reward – one Baronetcy!
Happy little Wales!
Thanks to the courteous kindness of the Rev. D. Bower, the vicar of Monkton, Pembrokeshire, I was able some time ago to read a MS account of the Welsh MP whose single vote was once upon a time of such transcendent importance.
      I am Sir, your obedient servant.
         T. Morgan Owen
Bronwylfa, Rhyl. June 23rd.