Timothy Morgan Owen's letter to W.E.H. Lecky about the Boer War & honours. Again the idiosyncratic
presentation of this handwritten letter is as in the original. The book he refers to is his own Early English and Welsh History.

Private	                 MAES FRON
                    23rd December 1901
Dear Sir,
           Once upon a time
           you were good enough to
           mention my name to
           Lord Salisbury in
           connexion with an
           "honour" in recognition
           of my educational [work] in
           & for Wales during a
           period of some 30 years.
Upon enquiry you will find that
Welshmen are carefully
excluded from the New Year
& other lists of “honours”.
The time was when “no
Irishman need apply”! But,
for some years past it
has been Taffy’s turn to be 
                         cast aside.
When the late Prince &
Princess of Wales (now
our gracious King &
Queen) last visited Wales,
I was the only gentleman,
who entertained in their
honour – I entertained
the poor of the town &
parish of Rhyl.
At our late Queen’s
Jubilee, Beacon-fires
were set up by public
subscription. But,
I put one up at my
sole cost: a picture of it
appeared in the Jubilee
      My little book is the
      only standard one
      bearing upon Welsh
I Think it is high time 
that some Welshman 
should receive royal 
recognition for public 
work done. And, I 
shall rejoice if another 
Welshman – myself 
put aside – will be so 
My brothers & I always stood 
up for you: &, doubtless, 
ere long you will follow 
your old friend Plunket 
to the House of Lords.
I was so sorry not to back 
you up with a Banquet 
		     for Lord Roberts; 
but he was too 
soft hearted for 
the d ---- Boers. 
I am glad to say that one 
of our boys has 
accounted for some 
of the beggars. He came out 
		     from T.C.D. 
8th on the list of successful University Cs 
in the Army from the whole Kingdom.
   With best 
   wishes for 
   & the New 
   I beg leave to enclose a 
   copy of my speech 
   upon our “Imperial Forces”
 	Yours sincerely,
       T. Morgan Owen
The Right Hon.
Dr. Lecky

P.S. A few
words from you to
Lord Salisbury
will carry weight.