James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Consuelo (Mary) Luco Peers Jones

Consuela Luco Peers Jones Consuelo Luco Peers Jones (photo, right, from La Nacion, 12 Oct. 1938) married Miguel Benítez Martínez (b Los Angeles 19 March 1919, son of Ramón Benítez Seguel and Natalia Martínez Barriga) in 1940. (His stag dinner was at the Restaurandela Quinta Normal on 13 July 1940 [La Nacion 7 July 1940]). They had five children and at least ten grandchildren. Their eldest daughter married into the vast Undurraga family and had two daughters, both of whom married and, I believe, they had eight children between them.

Latterly, Consuela lived near her sister in the affluent community of Las Condes, in the northeast zone of Santiago. She died on 16 May 2015 and was buried in the Boveda family plot in Santiago General Cemetery.

Mary (Ana) Luco Peers Jones

Mary Luco Peers Jones married Sergio del Sante Monckeberg (b Santiago 17 February 1924). He was a farmer, industrialist and a racehorse owner. He owned the Stud Pucudegua and one of his most successful horses was ‘Joyful’, which he sold as a five-year old in 1972. Joyful ran twenty races, winning ten, coming second twice, third three times and fourth once before enjoying a second lease of life in Argentina. Sergio was at one time president of the Santiago Equestrian Club (Club Hípico).

He and Mary had seven children and I know of seven grandchildren; there are probably more. Sadly, one of her daughters, Isabel Margarita Del Sante Luco, predeceased her; she died less than a year into this millennium. Isabel had married into the Jarpa family, and she had a son and two daughters. >