James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Consuelo Peers Jones Owen

The youngest of Wharton and Mary's children was Consuelo Peers Jones. She was born in Chile in about 1902. She has been mentioned in previous sections, travelling between Santiago and her parents' haciendas. She married Jorge Luco Cruchaga on 19 March 1919 at Los Angeles, Chile. (see portrait - 2nd from right, top row - here) He was a member of a prestigious family and his family tree appears here. He was born in Santiago on 7 March 1899. After studying at the Liceo de Aplicación he worked for the Banco del Estado de Chile. He was a partner in the import company Jorge Luco Cruchaga y Cia and became president of the textile company, Hilandería Nacional S. A., 1081 Avda. San Nicolás, Santiago. He was vice-president of a group, "La Unión", manufacturing glasses, I believe, and he appears to have had interests in mining; a report in La Nacion, 9 July 1939, p 14 (He was 'directore' of that newspaper in 1933.) of the shareholders meeting of the Banco de Chile, indicates that he profited from the sale of 2300 kilos of galvanised iron, transported by rail via Concepción station and in 1968 he was a delegate for the Asociacion Minera De San Feliipe, a community about 100km north of Santiago. He came from a literary family and he may have had some involvement in writing and in the theatre; his elder brother Germán Luco Cruchaga's successful career as a writer, a journalist and an acclaimed playwright, was cut tragically short when he died, suddenly and unexpectedly, in his early forties.

Consuelo Peers Jones Owen died on 28 November 1989 and she is buried in the Jorge Luco Cruchaga family mausoleum, in Santiago General Cemetery.

Jorge and Consuela had two daughters, Consuelo (Mary) Luco Peers Jones and Mary (Ana) Luco Peers Jones (b 1927, Santiago) (the names in brackets are not always included in references to them). You will see that both their names include that of their maternal grandmother, Mary; the youngest was born in the same year that Mary died. It also appears that they lived a life of privilege; for example, in 1936 they travelled with their paternal grandmother, and many other high-society families, to spend the summer season in the fashionable Chilean holiday resort of 'el Morrode Tomé'.