James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Mary Dolores Peers Jones

Mary Dolores Peers Jones, was born on 22 September 1894. Her birth was registered at Elham, Kent, and she was christened as Dolores Mary, at St Michael and All Angel Church, Pirbright in Surrey, on 19 January 1896. Wharton may have started living at "Wharton Hall, Carahue, Chile", the address on the christening record, but the family had yet to travel to Chile. Mary was known as Lola as a child (see her mother's section) and as an adult; I shall use this name to distinguish her from her mother. She married Pedro Leon Gallo. A newspaper (La Nacion, 27 Jan. 1930) reported the family leaving for Viña del Mar, a coastal city adjacent to and north of Valpairiso so he may have been the son, born on 3 April 1890, to Manuel Gallo and Lastenia De La Huertain. Another Pedro Leon Gallo was a leader in the Chilean revolution of 1859, which makes searching on the Internet for information about Lola’s husband extremely difficult, but perhaps he was a descendant of his namesake. Incidentally, Lola’s mother, Mary, owned land in Vino del Mar, on which was subsequently built a glorious building, La casa Flores.

Their son, Pedro (aka Peter) Leon Gallo Peers-Jones, was born on 14 September 1916 and the birth was registered at Buin, Maipo, just south of Santiago and about 50km east of Melipilla, which was where Wharton and Mary were living. I have come across several mentions of the family in the social pages of La Nacion. On 7 December 1917, it reported that "señora Dolores Peers Jones de Gallo, señorita Consuela Peers Jones O. y Peter L Gallo Peers Jones" were leaving Santiago, that day, to stay at Lola's parents' hacienda, Las Mercedes. A report on 27 January 1930, stated that señor Pedro Leon Gallo, señora Lola Peers Jones de Gallo and their children, Peter and Mollie Gallo Peers Jones, were leaving for Viña del Mar. Just as her mother was known as Lola, I believe ‘Molly’ may have been a pet name and that her full name was Dolores Mary Gallo Peers Jones. I have found no official records under either name, but there was a Chilean film actress called Molly Gallo. The newspaper, El Mercurio - Nacional of 2 May, 2012, appears to have reported the death of Moli Gallo Peers-Jones.

Peter married Eileen (aka Eliana) Moore on 17 September 1938 at the Unión Church, in Pedro de Valdivia [La Nacion, 17 Septiembre 1938]. She had been born on 25 March 1919 to Flora Augusta and Leonard Vespes Moore. Peter and Eileen’s daughter, Eileen Luana Gallo Moore, was 3 years 8 months old when she died, in Santiago, on 21 August 1948, of Leukaemia.

Peter Gallo Peers-Jones died of bone cancer on 10 June 1996 and was buried in the Cementerio General, Santiago.