James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

The children of Wharton and Celia Peers Jones

Wharton and Celia had two children. Their daughter, Kerima Peers Jones Helmell, was born in Santiago on 19 May 1913. The University of Kentucky awarded 'Keryma Peers-Jones, Chile', a free tuition scholarship for the 1944-45 school year, for undergraduate study in Commerce, and she emigrated to the United States, arriving in Los Angeles, California, on 30 Jul 1944. On 27 March 1952, at Seattle, King, Washington, she married a divorcee, Harold Slayton (7 May 1913 – 4 July 1978). Her mother ultimately lived with her in Eugene, Oregon, and they appear in this news article from the Eugene Guard, 7 June 1960. There is an intriguing extract from a news report in the same newspaper (29 Sept. 1963): "Celia Peers-Jones, originally from Chile, gives a grandmother's skills to fixing dolls …". Harold had children by his first marriage, but I believe Kerima had no children. Kerima died on 21 November 2009.

Wharton Peers Jones Graciela Atala Gonzalez I was told that there was also a son, Wharton Peers Jones Helmell. If so, then I believe he is the person of that name who appears on a family tree on MyHeritage, with this picture (left). Wharton was born in South America, on 22 November 1919 and died on 9 February 1970, in San Francisco, California. He married Graciela Atala Gonzalez (right), daughter of Salomon Atala Haddad and Elena Gonzales. Graciela was born on September 28, 1920. In 1895, she was living in San Carlos (between San Francisco and San Jose). She later moved to live in Newark, on the other side of San Francisco Bay, and died on December 24, 2009, at nearby Almada. She must have been associated with the Church of the Epiphany in Vienna Street, San Francisco, as, on the tenth anniversary of her death, she was remembered there under 'Intentions'

Evidence suggests there may be no living descendants from Wharton and Celia's branch of the family.