James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Wharton (Segundo) Peers Jones

Wharton (Segundo) Peers Jones was born in 1890, probably in North Wales as his birth was registered in Bangor. He was christened at Harlington, Hillingdon, Middlesex, on 3 April 1892. He spent his first years in the southeast of England but the family had travelled to Chile by about the turn of the century. His pet name, within the family, was 'Tito' (see here).

According to the report of his father’s funeral, the son was an engineer but his occupation when he married on 9 June 1912, at Moneda, Santiago, was farmer. His bride was Celia Heimpell Hidalgo, twenty years old, from a wealthy Chilean family. (Celia Heimpell Hidalgo, 24 March 1895, Chile - 7 May 1988, USA).

Reports generally appear not to have used "segundo" so it is difficult, once he was an adult, to be sure which ones refer to him, but there are two that almost certainly do. There is no evidence that the father owned property in Peumo Negro, less than 20 km east of Talca:

Another British citizen dedicated to the agricultural sector, in cattle ranching and pastureland, was Wharton Peers Jones, who in 1920 provided 400 blocks of pastureland with clover on his Peumo Negro farm. At the same time, he performed the administration of the Lircay irrigation canal. [Talca, París y Londres:La Presencia de los Franceses e Ingleses 1875 – 1928, p 74].

The evidence above suggests that Wharton may have combined farming with being an engineer, and the following, from La Nacion, 5 March 1926, suggests he may have worked, as a superintendant for the Panama Railroad company (Note that Callao is Peru's main seaport and serves the capital, Lima, and that Wharton would have been one of 200-300 superintendants of the almost 2000 'gold' and 'silver' categorized employees of that huge railway company.):


The superintendent of the Panama Railroad Co. Mr. Peers Jones arrived at this port yesterday, from Callao, on board the "Teno". [Talca, París y Londres:La Presencia de los Franceses e Ingleses 1875 – 1928, p 74]

The report of the funeral of Wharton (sen.) states that his son died the year before, in 1927.