James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

The postcards sent by Tito, Biddy and Lola

The three older children appear to have written cards on 18 April 1903, and one of them, "Lola", sent another in 1905. I had already found several newspaper reports that referred to Mary Dolores Peers Jones as "Lola". A report on the Society Page of La Nacion, 27 Aug. 1919, tells of the return to Santiago of Mrs. Lola Peers Jones de Gallo, her son Peter, her sister, Consuela, and Miss Maria Gerard (further evidence of the friendship between the families of Peers Jones and Gerard).

The cards appear on the Biblioteca Nacional Digital de Chile website and bear photographs by Carl Brandt. They were addressed to "Srta. Julieta Gerard, Hotel Oddo, Santiago". I was told that Wharton owned a hotel in Santiago, but Hotel Oddo, at Calle Ahumada 327, was owned by a French immigrant called Félix Henri Oddó.

Wharton (the son) was sometimes known in Chile as 'Wharton Segundo'; he was also, apparently, known as 'Tito'. Click here to see his choice of picture and his boyish message.

It would seem that the family name for Emily Peers Jones was Biddy. Click here to see her card. The first concrete evidence I had discovered which showed Mary was living in Chile were reports in the Welsh press of the tragic death of Emily. One such, from the Rhyl Journal, 14 July 1906,, reads:

DEATH. The "Star of Chile," just received, records the death "at Wharton Hall, Carahue, at 11.15 a.m. on the 3rd of May, of Emily Peers Jones, eldest daughter of Wharton and Mary Peers Jones, aged 15 years." The young lady was grand-daughter of the late Rev Elias Owen, Vicar of Llanyblodwel, and of the late Dr Pryce Jones, Rhyl, and grand-niece of Mr Morgan Owen, J.P., Penbryn Hall, Monts, and Bronwylfa, Rhyl.

Emily was born in 1891 [Hackney 1891, 4th qt] and christened at Harlington, Hillingdon, on 8 May 1892, so she was fourteen.

Apart from this sad report, the only evidence I have found in the Welsh press that Mary married Wharton was a report in Cymro (Lerpwl A'r Wyddgrug), 13 April 1893, in which Wharton Peers Jones was described as Elias’s son-in-law.

Click here to see Lola's 1903 card and click here to see her 1905 card.