James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Ivy May Owen ... 6

Ivy May Owen Not long before she died, Ivy recalled living as a child in a big house in Brithdir, Wales - one member of the family thought Ivy claimed she spoke only Welsh until the age of thirteen (romantic notions unsupported by documentary evidence) - and she talked about her brother (Herbert) Malcolm Owen who was killed in WWI. She definitely met members of her biological family; she kept several of their letters. In 1921 her mother, Beatrice, sent her this letter with ten shillings for Christmas, saying she wished she could afford to send more: that same Christmas her father, Edwin, sent her this letter with £1, reporting that the cold winter had brought on his rheumatism: in September 1934, Ivy’s wealthy aunt, Constance Paterson, wrote this letter arranging for Ivy to visit her at Rutland Park Mansions, Willesden Green, and suggesting Ivy bring a suitcase to carry items she would give to her (at that time, the Fowlers were living at “Brithdir”, Pole Hill Road, Hillingdon): in 1935 Constance sent this letter with £1 for Ivy and ten shillings for each of her children; she congratulated Ivy and Launcelot on painting the outside of their house.

Launcelot was eighty-two when he died [Uxbridge 1963, 1st qt] and Ivy lived to be eighty-five [d Hillingdon 1972, 2nd qt].

I am grateful to Ian Parrott for much of the material concerning this part of the family.