James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Ivy May Owen ... 2

Another letter from Augustus Paterson to Mrs. Syrett, concerning the ‘adoption’ of Ivy was written on 12 October 1889, from Rosehill, Horrabridge , Devon:

Dear Madam,
I am glad you have decided to adopt the child we have been in correspondence about & I hope we may be able to arrange matters satisfactorily; there are, however, some difficulties in the way of meeting all your wishes: the child is in Scotland under charge of a respectable person who has had care of her since she was two months old, it being impossible for the parents to acknowledge her at the time, in fact, she was the issue of a private marriage.
I suppose I need not tell you, the mother is a near relation of mine, therefore my interest in the case. From all accounts the child is both a pretty & a very good one, but I should hardly like to bring her up from Scotland for your inspection, nor do I know if there are any photos of her; the only suggestion I can make is that she should come to you, on trial; if you did not like her we could arrange I think for her being received at a school until we find some one willing to adopt her, or that the parents were in a position to take her to them. As to the Premium, of course, you alone must be the judge; if found everything quite satisfactory, I can see no reason to doubt it, perhaps a little more might be given, but I can make no promise just now on that head. I shall be in London for a short time towards the end of the month & shall be pleased to come to see you to talk matters over.
faithfully yours,
Augustus Paterson
We saw the child when she was about a year old; she certainly was then a pretty & a good child.