James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

News from West Bangor:

On Sunday morning, August 5th, Mrs. Isabella Jones, widow of the late Mr. R. L. Jones of this town, in her 65th year, died at the Union Protestant Infirmary in Baltimore. The deceased had complained of being unwell for a few months but no-one thought it was too serious. However, about three weeks before her death she was taken to hospital to undergo surgery, where it was realised that there was no hope for her recovery, and her condition gradually deteriorated until, on the above date, she departed this life. Her remains were brought here on the following Monday, and her funeral was on Wednesday. The funeral service was held in Rehoboth chapel of which she was a member. The service, performed by Rev. E. L. Hughes, Pittsburg, and Dr. J. Wynn Jones, Baltimore, was followed by the interment of her bodily remains beside those of her husband in Slateville cemetery. She left two sons and two daughters to mourn her.

Mrs. Jones who was born in Llandinam, Montgomeryshire, Wales, came over to this country when she was 17, and the following year she married Mr. R. L. Jones from this community. Mr. Jones passed away ten years ago last March and their eldest son died a few weeks ago. Suitable comments were made by the Rev. E. L. Hughes in his funeral address from 1 Cor. 7: 29-31. Speaking of Mrs. Jones, he said she was a woman who at all times cherished high ideals in life, but who was less concerned with the practical or operational aspects of everyday living. Her integrity and high moral standards made her life sublime and noble. The use of any bad language upset her. She was alive to the beautiful and quick to appreciate the outstanding, with a liking for the finer things of life. She did not wear her heart on her sleeve; it might have been better if she could have been more open. She experienced much adversity, but would never reveal how much this troubled her, nor did she look for sympathy. Mrs. Jones brings to mind the hymn "Oh, hide your grief from the eyes of the world". On account of this aspect of her nature, few knew Mrs. Jones well. But this does not do her justice. He (Rev. Hughes) said he was convinced of her piety through getting to know her during his stay at her home the previous summer. He referred to the fact that Mrs. Jones constantly read from the Bible, and her cuttings from magazines reflected her many interests. May she rest in peace until summoned by the archangel. - E. L. [Y Drych, 30 Aug 1917] (Click here to see original article.)