James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

A man called R. Ginger Parry visited West Bangor in 1900:

I had an appointment to meet the gentleman, Robert L. Jones, who, although he has become a very wealthy man, has not forgotten that he was a quarryman, and a most enterprising one.

I visited his big quarry with his old and faithful friend, Daniel W. Jones, Bwlch Uchaf, and we spent an entertaining time at his office and around the quarry. Daniel Jones is one of Llaniolan’s boys - another old quarryman who has succeeded, and his circumstances are very comfortable; and like his friend R. L. Jones, one of the first founders of West Bangor. The kindness these brothers extended to a stranger was much appreciated. I thank them for their welcome.

They have built a very successful company Jones & Williams, these boys from Llanberis. John W. Jones is the grandson of Bwich Uchaf: and John and William J. Williams are sons of John Williams, Cariwr, previously Ebenezer. The three have been partners for 35 years. They have a large store associated with the business. ...

Although on the peak of success they do not get above themselves. I went to the quarry with them too, and I do not know that I’ve ever seen better roof slates anywhere. And taking an overview of the quarrying area, it is clear from the outside that the workers enjoy a comfortable existence. It is rare for one of the Welshmen not to own his own home.

In terms of religion, Delta is again, remarkable. Few people in the neighborhood do not profess religion; In fact, sinfulness in the public sense has completely disappeared from the area. ...

We also had the company for the day of the capable author, Joseph o Feirion. It is a great privilege to have met men who possessed such cultured minds. [YD 22 Nov 1900]

(Joseph o Feirion, originally from Wales, was the local bard who wrote poems for weddings, funerals and other special occasions. He wrote this poem about the tunnel at Robert's "Big quarry".)