"....Ad Astra" (Towards The Stars) by Molly Corbally (1913–2008)

In memory of 2nd Lt. (Herbert Ernest) Malcolm Owen (1898-1917).

Molly Corbally (1913 - 2008) was a nurse with the 19th General Field Hospital in Eygpt in WWII, when the man she was to marry was killed. She went on to follow a career as a health visitor, about which she wrote a successful book, Just Visiting: The Memoirs of a Health Visitor. She never married.

Here this poem relates an earlier era; 2nd Lt Malcolm Owen, RFC, the son of a vicar, was killed in an ‘aero accident’ in WWI.

I took my leave of earth and men,
And soared aloft to the lonely sky,
Thro' the gathering dark, to the silent stars,
And the whisper of Angels passing by.

I heard the beat of Angels’ wings,
In the silent watch of the starlit night.
I felt His touch, and I heard His Voice,
I, Man, communed with the infinite.

Far below lies a burnt out wreck,
Soft, the strains of the bugles sound.
The Ensign flutters a last salute
As another pilot is laid to ground.

Men are sighing, and women weep.
Ah! foolish friends, do not grieve for me,
For I heard God call in the silent night,
And flew on, into Eternity.