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Ann Roberts (née Jones)

(19 Jan 1846, Penmachno, Caernarvonshire, Wales - 15 May 1921, Delta, York Co, Pa, USA)

The following incidental information was obtained while researching the life of Robert L Jones , one of six siblings who were born and raised in Penmachno, Caernarvonshire, by William and Ellen Jones. This page is about the family of Ann(e) Jones (1846-1921), one of the five siblings who chose to settle in Pennsylvania; she was the fourth child of William and Ellen Jones (see this section for more information about the Jones family history; it also has links to pages about Ann's siblings). This research is far from complete and there will be much more information available in the archives but I do not have the time at present to pursue what is for me a peripheral area of research. However, I do want to make available to other researchers what I have learned about this family; I shall make an announcement in the "News" section if I add anything more to this page.

Census information

In Wales Anne Jones married Richard Roberts (19 Jan 1846 - 3 Oct 1922). In the 1871 UK census Richard (24) and Anne (22) were living in Ffestiniog, Merionethshire, and with them at that time was her mother "E Jones" (56); Ellen Jones is also listed as living with her husband in that census so, presumably, she was just visiting her daughter. Richard, who had been born in Bala, Merionethshire, was an "Engine Driver" - possibly of a locomotive but more likely he was operating an engine at a quarry since all the men in neighbouring dwellings were quarry men. Ann and her mother were both born in Penmachno, Caernarvonshire.

In the 1881 UK census Richard (35) and Anne (32) were living in Penmachno, where all their children - Robert L (9), Ellen A (6), Esther W (4) and William J (1) - had been born. Richard was then a "Fitter at Work"; the enumerator had added the prefix "Eng", either suggesting he was an engineer or that he worked with engines.

The biography of Anne's brother, Robert L Jones, in History of York County Pennsylvania, Biographical, Vol. II, 1907 states that "in 1888 ... Mrs. Richard Roberts, and her husband, crossed the ocean and have made Delta their home". However, the 1900 US census (confirmed by later censuses) says that Richard immigrated in 1884 and the rest of his family in 1885. In that census the family was living at Stearns Precinct, Harford, Maryland. The household consisted of:

Five children are listed and the only living child missing from the list is the eldest son, Robert L Roberts. All those listed were born in Wales of native Welsh parents apart from the youngest son, Alfred, and the granddaughter, Anna, both of whom were born im Maryland.. In 1900, Ann's brother William and her widowed sister Ellen Jones were living in Stearns Precinct; it was an area of Maryland around and including Cardiff and Whiteford, adjacent to the border with Pennsylvania and very near to where their brother Robert lived.

In the 1910 US census the family was living in the same district and the household consisted of:

All other birthplaces agree with the 1900 census.

In the 1920 US census only Blodwen (36) is with her parents (then aged 73 and 70), still living in Stearns Precinct, Harford, Maryland, with Richard still running his machine shop. This census states that the mother-tongue of Richard and Anna and of their parents was Welsh but that of Blodwen was English.

Newspaper Reports

Richard Roberts, 1914 Clearly there are other censuses and other records to be found quite easily. Much of the following information is based on reports in the American Welsh language newspaper, Y Drych. (The photo, right, of Richard Roberts appears in Y Drych 12 February 1914 - see report, below.) I am not a Welsh speaker but I shall either attempt a translation or simply summarise the information therein. I have discovered that the Welsh language is extremely flexible, which is why I give the reader the original Welsh version; if anyone can offer more full and accurate translations I would be most grateful. I have copies of the original reports in most cases and have reproduced some of the more important ones here; all can be found on the Net and most come from this excellent National Library of Wales site. With all such sites, one has to be aware that the indexing is based on OCR so searching techniques have to be developed to find as much information as possible.

Mention has been made of Ann's brother, Robert L Jones who had already progressed from working in a slate quarry to ownership of a quarry by the time Richard and Ann arrived in Pennsylvania. No doubt Robert helped Richard to get established and subsequently Richard would have provided much equipment for Robert's quarries over the years. Although Richard's business was very much associated with the needs of the slate quarries, it also produced other items: The Delta Herald, 28 May, 1886, p.3 reported "The new and handsome iron fence in front of R. L. Jones' residence was made by Richard Roberts, machinist, south Delta." - all good advertising for Richard. (Right: Photo of Richard Jones - Y Drych 12 Feb. 1914)

Y Drych, 9 April 1891 reported a performance by the South Delta Band, conducted by Robert L. Roberts, "son of Richard Roberts, founder of the firm of Roberts & Wilhard, machinists, in South Delta", at which Robert played a solo on the cornet.

Reference is made to young Robert's musical prowess in a report in Y Drych 21 May 1896 p.3 about the death of Robert Edwards of Delta, at the age of 42. He had taught music and "Robert LI. Roberts, son of Richard Roberts, engineer of the firm Roberts & Son, South, Delta, and his cousin, Robert Davies" were two of his musical prodogies. It also mentions that the funeral would take place in the chapel at Delta and that the first marriage to be held there had been that of Robert Ll. Roberts. (There is more information about Robert in the "Descendants" section, below)

Various reports refer to the success of Richard Robert's business. One of the first appeard in Y Drych 3rd November 1892 p.1; Rev. Erasmus W. Jones describes a visit to Delta, where he stayed with the Roberts family. "Richard Roberts, through high quality, artistry, perseverance and impartiality, has reached the stage of owning a Foundry and Machine Shop, where they have to work overtime to answer the orders that flow in."

Richard returned to UK in part to learn what developments had been made there in his field

Y Drych 2 August 1894
WEST BANGOR, PA., Gorph. 28.-Mae RICHARD ROBERTS, Machinist, South Delta, wedi cychwyn am Gymru. Hwyliodd o New York gyda'r Teutonic, y 25 cyfisol. Bwriada deithio trwy Gymru, Lloegr a Llanrwst. Dysgwyliwn y ca y croesaw mae yn haeddu yn mhob man, yn enwedig yn Penmachno a Ffestiniog Gwyr ei gydnabod na chroesodd yr un y Werydd erioed mwy croesawgar a charedig na Mr. Roberts. Diameu y man- teisia efe lawer ar y daith. Os oes yn yr hen fyd ryw welliantau mewn peirianau a pheirianwaith, mae ef yn sicr o wneyd defnydd o honynt. Nid yw yn addaw bod yn rhy onest, pe gallai. Nid wyf yn meddwl y daw a dim o eiddo neb yn ei logell, ond gall gario holl beirianau Cymru a Lloegr yn ei ben os myn, ac nid ydym ni yma yn gwarafun iddo wneyd, gan y cawn ninau ran o'r elw. Mae yn tau fel pob dyn call yn dymuno cael y DRYCH yn gydymaith ar ei daith, os bydd- wch gystal a'i anfon iddo am chwech wythnos i Penmachno. W. C. R.


WEST BANGOR, PA., July 28.-RICHARD ROBERTS, Machinist, South Delta, has started for Wales. He left from New York aboard the Teutonic on the 25th instant. He intends to travel through Wales, England and Llanrwst. We hope he receives the welcome he deserves everywhere, especially in Penmachno and Ffestiniog Gwyr, since having crossed the Ocean no one has been more welcome here than Mr. Roberts.

The reporter suggests Richard will be seeking out improvements in machinery and won't be afraid of stealing ideas, which is quite acceptable as it will benefit the locality; he offers to send copies of Y Drych to Penmachno during Richard's 6 week stay.

The following describes the first marriage of Richard and Anne's daughter, Ellen. Less than 5 years later Ellen will have lost both her husband and their son, Richard.

Y Drych 4 April 1895 p.6
Priodas Mr. Griffith Price a Miss Ellen Annie Roberts

Dygwyddiad a dynodd sylw brwdfrydig a chyffredinol yn ddiweddar yma yd oedd priodas Mr. Griffith Price gyda Miss Ellen Annie Roberts, South Delta, yr hon a gymerodd le yn nghartref clyd y briodferch ar y 13eg o Fawrth. Naturiol iawn ydoedd i briodas par mor adnabyddus, ac o gysylltiadau teuluaidd mor barchus, a lluosog o'r ddeutu, i greu y fath ddyddordeb yn ein plith. Y wraig ieuanc sydd ferch i Richard Roberts a i briod, sylfaenydd y firm Roberts & Son Company Machine Shop and Foundry, South Delta. O du ei mam mae y wraig ieuanc yn hanu o hen deulu y Solomon iaid a drigai gynt yn yr Hen Gapel, Ffestiniog, G. C a'r gwr ieuanc yn fab i Rhys Price, Miner's Mills, Swydd Luzerne, Pa., un o wehelyth lluosog y Priceiaid yn nghylchoedd Dolgellau. Byddai yn anhawdd cyfarfod a dau deulu wedi croesi y Werydd mwy adnabyddus i ardalwyr lluosog Ffestiniog a Phenmachno a diau genym y bydd yn llon ganddynt glywed am y briodas hon, &c. Clywsom fod nifer y gwahoddedigion yn tynu at gant, ond am fod y tywydd wedi troi yn ystormus ar y noswaith hono ni ddaeth yr oll o'r gwahoddedigion yn nghyd. Gweinyddwyd y gwasanaeth priodasol gan y Parch. H. F. Williams, yn cael ei gynorthwyo gan y Parch. J. Cadwalader. Gan fod teulu Richard Roberts o'r hynaf i lawr i'r ieuengaf mor hynod o gerddorgar, fe gafwyd gwledd o gerddoriaeth yn gystal a byrddau llawn o ddanteithion i'r corff, &c. Cyfarch wyd y par ieuanc gan yr hen fardd awengar Joseph o Feirion, un o gymdeithion rhieni y priodfab a'r briodferch fel y canlyn:
[There follows a long poem by the local bard.]


DELTA, PA., March 28
Marriage of Mr. Griffith Price a Miss Ellen Annie Roberts

Excitement and enthusiasm greeted the recent wedding of Mr. Griffith Price with Miss Ellen Annie South Delta, which took place in the bride's home on March 13. This very natural merger of two well-known and much-respected local families generated much interest among us. The young wife is the daughter of Richard Roberts and his spouse, founder of the firm Roberts & Son Company Machine Shop and Foundry, South Delta. From her mother's mother, the young lady was born of the old family of Solomon who lived formerly in Hen Gapel, Ffestiniog, Wales, and the young man is the son of Rhys Price, Miner's Mills, Luzerne's Office, Pa., one of the many descendants of the Price family in Dolgellau circles. The many friends in the Festiniog and Penmachno area of these two most well-known families which had crossed the Ocean would be happy to hear about this marriage, etc. We heard that the number of invitees was approaching a hundred, but because the weather had become stormy on that night, not all the guests were able to come. The marital service was conducted by the Rev. H. F. Williams, assisted by the Rev. J. Cadwalader.

I believe the report then mentions the talented, musical Roberts family, the music and food laid on for the guests and finally introduces a poem written by the local bard, Joseph o Feiron, in honour of the occasion.

Griffith Price's grave Listed with the family in the 1900 US census was Ellen Price, a widowed daughter. Griffith Price had died the year before and Ellen had also lost her son, Richard. (Gravestone, right) Their daughter, Anna, survived. Ten years later, she met Mr John L. Griffiths and after a whirlwind romance they married. The Cardiff Times 12th November 1910 p.5 under the heading, "MARRIED THE DAY AFTER." reported:

The current number of "Y Drych" records possibly a record courtship in South Delta, Pennsylvania. The parties, Mr John L. Griffiths (Llew Ogwen), Poultney, Vermont, and Miss Ellen Anne Price, South Delta, met for the first time on the 16th ult., and the following day they were united in the bonds of matrimony at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr and Mrs Richard Roberts, machinist, by the Rev. Richard Thomas, the minister of the church to which the bride belonged.

Ellen A Price wed The followin item appeared in the Gwalia, 14 Nov 1910, a newspaper in UK, under the heading "BETHESDA" (Caernarvonshire): "PRIODAS. Cynnwys rhifyn diweddar o'r "Drych" fanylion am briodas Llew. Ogwen gyda Mrs Ellen A. Price, South Delta, Pa. Adwaenir y Llew yn dda ym Methesda. Mab yw i Mr Lewis Griffith, Braichmelyn. ..." The full stop between 'Llew and 'Ogwen' is definitely there but would seem to be an error so this possibly translates as: "MARRIAGE. Included in a recent edition of "Y Drych" were details of a Wedding between Llew Ogwen and Mrs Ellen A. Price, South Delta, Pa. Known informally in Mefchesda as the Lion [Llew]. He is a son of Mr Lewis Griffith, Braichmelyn. ...."

In Y Drych 1st April 1897 p.5 a visitor to Richard's quarrying machinery works claims that Richard is the top expert in "wneyd byrddau llifio llechi" (some sort of wooden board used in slate production), his work being unsurpassed throughout America and Canada, and that Richard was a native of Porthmadoc.

Y Drych 25th August 1898 p.5 reported a visit by R. R. Williams to West Bangor and Delta. There was a meeting addressed by Mr. Williams of L'Anse, Mich., a reporter for "Y Drych", who wrote a book called "Dafydd Morgan" (1897) and among those present was Miss Maggie Jones, Racine, Wis., a visitor and cousin of Richard Roberts, engineer, South Delta. ("Y mae hi ymweliad a'i chefnder Richard Roberts, peirianydd, South Delta.")

Y Drych 17 May 1900 p.5

Richard Roberts a'i fab sydd yn parhau i eangu eu gweithfeydd machines a foundries. Daw archebion iddynt o bob pegwn o'r bydysawd. Dywedir mai efe sydd yn gwneyd y pelenau mwyaf dinystriol i'r Boers. ...


Richard Roberts and his son continue to expand their machines and foundries. Orders come from all parts of the globe. It is said that he is making the most stomach peppers against the Boers. ...

In Y Drych 12 February 1914 an article shed more light on how Richard's business expanded and includes the above photograph of Richard (click here to see original article).

Anturiaeth Lwyddiannus Cymro o Ffestiniog.

Tachwedd 27, 1884, ar Ddydd Diolchgarwch, cyrraeddodd un o fechgyn Ffestiniog, sef Richard Roberts (Dick Ty'r Nant, Lian), i Delta, Pa. Yn ddimydroi gosododd i fyny ychydig beirianau yn cael eu troi gyda llaw mewn ystafell, rhan o engine house, yn chwarel Wm. E. Williams, y pryd hynny, yn awr Proctor and Co. Nid hir y bu cyn tynu sylw pobl y cylch ato fel peirianydd cywrain, uwchlaw y cyffredin, ac yr oedd ei lwyddiant yn gyfryw fel y bu raid iddo chwilio am adeilad mwy mewn lle mwy cyfleus, a symudodd i ran deheuol Delta, a elwir ers blynyddau bellach yn Cardiff, Maryland. Yr oedd yn ddyfeisydd cyflym, a chanddo brofiad helaeth gyda pheirianau llech-chwarelau, a chyda y rhai hyn y llwyddodd yn gyflym, fel yr oedd yn angenrhaid iddo wneud cyfnewidiad pwysig ac anturio wnaeth. Prynodd dir mewn man cyfleus gyfochrog a llinell Dixie, yn ymyl gorsaf Cardiff, ac efe gafodd y fraint o roi yr enw "Cardiff" ar y lle. Yno yr adeiladodd foundry a machine shop, ac hefyd adeiladodd amryw dai a stor ar v tir a brynodd.

Fe adnabyddir y ffirm ers rhai blynyddau bellach fel Roberts and Son, ei fab hynaf, yr hwn hefyd sydd yn ddyfeisydd cyflym fel ei dad. Mae dau arall o'i feibion yn gweithio gyda hwynt, sef Jones ac Alfred; felly fe wel y darllenydd fod y cwmni yn hollol Gymreig, feallai yr unig gwmni Cymreig yn y Taleithiau yn y gangen hon o fasnach.

Mae y ffirm yn adnabyddus trwy y rhan fwyaf o'r Talaethau Unedig. Mae y gwahanol beirianau a wneir ganddynt yn, lluosog. Enwn ychydig o honynt yn iaith yr Unol Dalaethau: Slates saw-tables, cablehoisters, engines, canning apparatus, and a great variety of smaller products.

Fel hyn dywed "Delta Herald" yn ddiweddar, "The firm of Roberts & Son is now one of the most extensive in this community. They ship to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Southern and Western States. They recently shipped a 20 h.p. electric hoister to Newbern, N. C.; another 52 h.p. to Carteret, N. J.; working on another 50 h.p. to go to Slatington, Pa. Last week, first week in December, R. Ll. Roberts, made a business trip to Baltimore, came home with order for machinery that will require 90 tons of iron and steel. Wythnos y Nadolig bu yno yn gwneyd amcangyfrif ar archeb (order) yn cael ei phrisio yn ddeng mil o ddoleri. Mae y ffaith fod y ffirm yn gweithio mor gyson, y dwylaw mewn llawn gwaith ar hyd yr amser, ac yn gorfod gweithio allan o amser yn aml iawn, yn profi y safle anrhydeddus ac ymddiriedol maent wedi ei gyraedd fel nad oes angen dweyd, fod y gwaith a wneir ganddynt, yn llefaru drosto ei hun, ac yn hysbysebydd da. Llongyfarchwn yr henafgwr Roberts a'i Fab, ar eu llwydd fel peirianwyr. Ddwy flynedd yn ol i'r haf diweddaf, ymwelodd Richard Roberts, a'i gyfaill Humphrey Lloyd (mab Sian Llwyd, Dolgarregddu gynt) ag ardal eu genedigaeth, a chawsant amser dymunol, a difyr oedd gwrando ar y ddau yn dweyd eu hanes. Cwrddasant a llawer o hen gyfoedion bore oes, sef Dr Roberts (Isallt); Griffith, ei frawd; Owen Jones, Dolawel (y diweddar, erbyn hyn), efe yn berthynas i Mrs Roberts. Ymwelwyd a hen chwarel y Diphwys. lie y bu R. R. yn gweithio fel peirianydd yn y blynyddau a fu, ac nid oedd ball ar y croesaw i'r ddau ymwelydd.


Successful Welshman from Ffestiniog.

On November 27, 1884, at Thanksgiving, one of Ffestiniog boys, Richard Roberts (Dick Ty'r Nant, Lian) arrived at Delta, Pa. Immediately he set up a few harnesses turned by hand in an unrented room, part of an engine house, in the quarry of Wm. E. Williams, at that time, now Proctor and Co. It was not long afterwards that the people of the area had drawn attention to him as a brilliant, above average, engineer and his success was such that he had to look for a larger building in a more convenient place, and moved to the southern part of Delta, which has been known for many years now as Cardiff, Maryland. He was a speedy inventor, who had extensive experience with slate quarrying machines, and with these attributes he quickly achieved success, such that he needed to make important changes and investment.

He bought land in a convenient location and adjacent to the Dixie line, near Cardiff station, and was privileged to put the name of "Cardiff" on the map. There he built a foundry and a machine shop, and also built various houses and stores on the land that he had bought.

The firm has been known for several years now as Roberts and Son, with his eldest son, who is also as fast an inventor as his father. Two other sons work with them, both Jones and Alfred; so the reader can see that the company was completely Welsh, the only Welsh company in the Provinces that was in this branch of business.

The firm is well-known through most of the United Provinces. The different varieties that they make are multiple. Enwn a few of them in the United States language: Slates saw-tables, cablehoisters, engines, canning apparatus, and a great variety of smaller products.

In this way, the "Delta Herald" recently said, "The firm of Roberts & Son is now one of the most extensive in this community. They ship to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Southern and Western States. They recently shipped a 20 h.p. electric hoister to Newbern, N. C.; another 52 h.p. to Carteret, N. J.; working on another 50 h.p. to go to Slatington, Pa. Last week, first week in December, R. Ll. Roberts, made a business trip to Baltimore, came home with order for machinery that will require 90 tons of iron and steel. Christmas Week there was an estimate for an order (order) priced at ten thousand dollars. The fact that the firm works so consistently, the hands fully occupied all the time, and very often having to work overtime, demonstrates the respected and trusted site they have become so that they do not need to say anything, since the work they do speaks for itself, and is a good advertisement. We congratulate the spokesman Roberts and Son, on their success as engineers.

Two years ago last summer, Richard Roberts, and his friend Humphrey Lloyd (son of Sian Llwyd, formerly Dolgarregddu) visited the area of their birth, and they had a pleasant time, and it was entertaining to listen to both telling their story. They met Dr Roberts (Isallt) and many old contemporaries in the morning; Griffith, his brother; Owen Jones, Dolawel (now dead), a relative of Mrs Roberts. The old Diphwys quarry was visited, where R. R. once worked as an engineer for a few years, and there he was welcomed as a visitor.

According to their gravestone, Ann Roberts died on 15 May 1921 and Robert on 3 October 1922. Ann and Richd Roberts grave

Descendants of Richard and Ann Roberts

Some years ago I was exchanging emails with Pam Myers of the Oldline Museum in Delta and she suggested I contact a lady called Gloria Roberts Thompson who she knew had connections with this Roberts family but sadly Gloria died before I had the opportunity. However, I do know that Gloria was a descendant of Richard and Ann's eldest son, Robert L Roberts. He was born in Penmachno, Caernarvonshire, late in 1871. I have found no record of the birth of a Robert L Roberts in the General Register so, like his uncle Robert L Jones, he appears to have added a middle name. Mention has already been made of Robert's musical talents and of the fact that he married in the chapel at Delta. His wife was Ellen Williams (b Apr. 1872, Maryland). Ellen died in 1939 and Robert died in 1943; both are buried in Slate Ridge Cemetery, Delta.

I have not sought out their census entries but I know they had a son, Ernest William Roberts, born on 16 Jul 1899, in Harford, Maryland. He married Beulah Temperance Watkins. "Tempe", as she was known, who was the fifth of the eight children of William Abel Watkins (b 3 July 1862, Md. - d 18 OCT 1947, Baltimore, Maryland) and Hannah Jane Amoss (Feb 1868, Harford, Md. - 10 Aug 1952, Delta, York, Pa.). Ernest and Beulah had only one child, Gloria, who was born on 8 November 1924. In the 1930 US census the family was living in Cardiff Main Street, Ernest (29) was still working as a machinist in the foundry, and Gloria F Roberts was 5. Things were much the same in the 1940 US census except that Ernest was 40 and Gloria was 16. Ernest still owned and managed the family welding business.

Beulah, who was born in 1898, died on 5 December 1964, aged 66, and Ernest died on May 18, 1963, aged 63, at Peachbottom, York, Pa. By then they had two grandsons, Gary E Thompson, who would take over running the family business, and (Mervyn) Graham Thompson, Jr.

Gloria was a 1941 graduate of the former Slate Ridge High School and she continued her education, graduating from Towson Business School. On March 16, 1946, at Slate Ridge Presbyterian Church, she married Mervyn Graham Thompson and, having spent all her childhood in Cardiff, Md., she and Mervyn lived out their days in Pylesville, Harford, Md. He worked for the Harford County Zoning Office - he became the Zoning Inspector for Harford County - and she worked for over 30 years for the Harford County Health Department, retiring in 1986. She attended Slate Ridge Presbyterian Church, the Evangelical Methodist Church and was a member of Penn Mary Order of Eastern Star. Her obituary stated: "She enjoyed playing bridge with friends, treasure hunting at yard sales, traveling and entertaining for friends and family." Mervyn, who had been born on 7 January 1924 died on 13 November 1999. Sadly Gloria suffered from cancer; complications led to her death, aged 84, on July 13, 2009 in her home in Pylesville, Md.

As well as her sons, Gloria was survived by four grandchildren and eight great grandchildren; a grandson, Aaron D. Thompson, predeceased her. Gloria was buried at Slate Ridge Cemetery, Delta.

Some of the life of the eldest daughter of Richard and Ann, Ellen Annie Roberts, has been mentioned and I have not sought any further information about her or about her daughter Anna M. Price.

The third child of Richard and Ann Roberts was Esther W Jones, whose appears to have been registered at birth in the 4th qt. of 1876 in Llanwrst (her age in the censuses agree with that birth), as Esther Winie Roberts. One researcher with a family tree on Ancestry has stated that she was born on 13 November 1877 so perhaps her birth was 13 November 1876. The tree indicates she married Daniel Stuart Null (1874-1959) on 18 November in York, Pa. and that their son Robert N Null was born on 2 December 1910 in Cordiff, Harford, Md.. Daniel, who was born on 22 November 1874 in Williamsport, Lycoming, Pa. had previously married Lura Ione Mathers (b 1883) on 24 December 1902 but she had been killed in a fall from a wagon in Wellsboro Tioga, Pa., on Christmas Day 1905.

Daniel Null died on 22 Feb 1959 and Esther on 10 March 1962, both at Hepburn, Lycoming, Pa..

Sadly, Y Drych 12th December 1918 reported the death of one of Richard and Anna's grandchildren:

October 11, 1918, Alberta Blodwen Roberts, dear daughter of Mr. a Mrs. William Jones Roberts, died; her father was the son of Mr. a Mrs. Richard Roberts, machine shop, Delta. Alberta died in Philadelphia at her parents' home when she was just over eight years old, causing great distress to the family. ... Just before he died she asked her mother, "When are we going home. Mother?" Doubtless she saw the green hills and her home waiting for her. ....

Alberta was very fond of everyone. She had a talent to go to the heart of all, because she was of such a kind nature; Everything was fine, her toys and her small treasures. She was as cheerful as the sunshine ...

She was buried on 17th October in Darlington, Maryland. Served at the funeral by the minister of the Diocesan Church, Darlington. ....

The death certificate of Alberta's father, William Jones Roberts states that he died at home - 5456 Whitly Avenue, Philadelphia - on 14 February 1945, at 2.15 p.m. from bronchial pneumonia, following a bout of influenza. Amongst the information on the certificate is that he was born on 8 June 1879 and that his mother's maiden name was Ann Jones

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