River Clyde 1
A painting of the River Clyde
River Clyde 2
Barges took the supplies & troops to the beaches
River Clyde 3
V beach as seen from the River Clyde (25 April)

The River Clyde landed troops at Cape Helles, Gallipoli

She would run aground and the troops would exit through a series of large doors cut into her sides then move down gangways, which ran along each side of the bow, onto two barges. The barges were towed alongside the vessel their own momentum generally carried them to the shore as the ship beached. The River Clyde was responsible for bringing and for evacuating many of the troops involved in the Gallipoli campaign. Of course the troops were very exposed during these manoeuvres and on the first occasion the River Clyde had been used for such landings in April 1915 British troops had been cut down by Turkish machine-gun fire as they attempted to land.