These were hand-written letters, formatted as shown, that Timothy Morgan Owen sent to W.E.H. Lecky M.P.

               22 June ’97
Dear Sir,
I hasten to express
to you my heartiest
congratulations upon the
honour that has been
bestowed upon you – as
I take it that an honour
given to a T.C.D. man
should be welcome
to all T.C.D. men.
May this distinction –
awarded in recognition
of your work and worth – be
but the gate-way to other
Yours sincerely,
      T. Morganowen
The Right Hon.
Mr. E.H. Lecky,

[Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee was on that day, June 22 1897]

                5 July ’97
Dear Sir,
         Many thanks for 
your sympathy with my
The only one Honour
for Wales has aroused
general indignation. I
fear that it will end – if
not remedied – in the
loss of Unionist seats.
Last Christmas an
Englishman (who was
absolutely ignorant of
Wales & of its
people & their language)
was made its
Chief HMI
instead of me: &,
now Wales has had the
additional affront
given to it by
Lord Salisbury
in connexion with
the non-bestowal
(except in one
solitary instance)
of Jubilee
Honours amongst
its distinguished
I beg to thank
you once more.
      Yours sincerely,
         T. Morganowen

The Right Hon.
      Mr. E.H. Lecky MP
was glad to read in today’s
paper that you
were honoured at
the Queen’s Garden
Party last Saturday.
I have by me a
marvellous Pedigree
of her Majesty.
Lecky Statue

W.E.H. Lecky M.P.
Statue in courtyard of
Trinity College, Dublin