Times football report, 1904



The Corinthians won their match at Leyton on Saturday against Manchester United by 11 goals to three and it was again the strength of their three inside forwards, S.S. Harris, G.S. Harris, and S.H. Day, that was chiefly responsible for their easy victory. The play during the first half was fairly even, but after the interval the Corinthians' forwards proved much too fast and too clever for the Manchester United defence. The Corinthians' half-backs gave their forward line good support, M. Morgan-Owen in the centre doing particularly well. In the second half Manchester United were quite outplayed; their forwards were for the most part held in check by the Corinthians' halves, and in consequence they never showed much combination. Before half-time the Corinthians scored three times, whilst Hartwell got a goal for Manchester United. Afterwards the Corinthians did much as they liked. Over and over again the forward line set up strong attacks, and altogether they scored eight more goals, S.S. Harris at one time getting through twice in two minutes. Manchester United scored twice in this half of the game. In their last three matches against Portsmouth, London, and manchester United the Corinthians have scored 25 goals, and, although in meeting London they had an easy task, this performance alone shows the great strength of the forward line this season.