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James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Some comments on sources

I extend heartfelt thanks to the many people who have helped me. As well as members of the family and other individuals my sources have included libraries, county record centres, family history centres, registry offices, the General Register Office, universities, the British Library, the Public Record Office, the Probate Registry at York, the Documentatiecentrum Caenepeel at Ypres and the Internet. I hope to add a detailed list of sources to this site in due course.

Reginald Owen's wedding 2 Via the Internet I have made contact with many family members such as my mother’s cousin Gwynnedd Owen. When I started this research I knew this cousin only as Gwyn. He had been stationed in England with the Canadian Royal Air Force in World War II. Through the CRAF website I discovered his whereabouts and subsequently visited him and his family in Canada. One of his daughters had a large old photograph (right) that she wanted to frame and she wondered if it had any connection with the Owens. It was actually a picture of my grandparents’ wedding (1910), the only group picture from the event that I have ever seen, and I was able to identify some of the people in the photo for her - one of the many instances when tracking forward to find living members of the family proved mutually beneficial. However, it also illustrates how each discovery throws up new questions - who are the wedding guests I am NOT able to identify? (The relevant local paper is missing from the British Library Newspaper archives.)

Discovering and contacting distant cousins also enabled me to see for the first time a photograph of my great-grandfather, Elijah Owen, and his family (left) - this was in the possession of a second cousin - and a portrait of my great great-grandfather James Owen (right) - then in the possession of the late John Morgan-Owen.

I am most grateful for all the pictures and for all the information gleaned in this way.