Clicking on 'Next' or 'Previous'
will take you systematically
through the family history.

Every page about an individual
displays a mini family tree;
clicking on a name will take you
to the page about that person.

To further help keep temporal
track, numbers beside names
on the mini trees indicate to
which generation people
belong (James Owen's
generation being 1).

Some individuals also have
their own sub-index displayed.

The colour coding for each
generation & sub-index is:

James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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About this site

You should find your way around the site quite easily. You can access pages about individuals via the 'People index', 'Timeline', 'Contents' or 'Tree' in the top panel, via the indexes that appear in the left panel (in that panel the number alongside a name indicates to which generation that person belongs) or from the pages in the main panel that list all the members of a particular family; in every case simply click on the name of an individual.

Clicking on 'Next' or 'Previous' will take you to adjacent pages. Clicking on one of these links will open the link in THE SAME window; each will be a single page and will enable you to return to the original page. Clicking on one of these links will open the link in a NEW window; it is best to close these new windows when you have finished with them to avoid having numerous windows open. Where cross-references to other sections of this site concern more than a single page they will usually open in a new window, as will links to external sites.

There are small maps/images in the text most of which when clicked on will reveal more detailed maps or larger images and sometimes extra information; where appropriate, the same image/map may be made available on several pages. To return from viewing enlarged pictures, etc. click on Close or use the top ribbon. If you click on the name of a family member when viewing a picture, the information about that person will open in a new window.

I have tried to preserve the anonimity of the living by excluding information about living descendants from this site (in some instances I have also excluded information about their siblings who died). For the same reason in most cases I have generally only attributed material that has been provided by people no longer alive but let me know if you would like me to attribute material you have contributed.

I welcome any constructive comments and feedback as well as any additional information or pictures. Please let me know if you find any errors, broken links or other problems. I hope those people with whom I have exchanged information will remain in contact with me by e-mail or by letter. I am most grateful for all the material you have given me.