James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

The sons of Herbert and Sarah Owen

Herbert Ultimus Owen (jun) was born on 8 June 1907 [Merthyr T. 1907, 3rd qt]. He married Ada A. Watkins [Bedwelty 1930, 1st qt]. Ada was almost certainly Ada Adeline Watkins (she was entered as 'Adeline' in the 1939 Register), who was born on 20 November 1908 [Bedwelty 1909, 1st qt] and who died in 1991, aged eighty-two [Blaeneau Gwent, Feb 1991]. I believe they had several children. In the 1939 Register they were living at the same address as Herbert's mother, together with someone whose record was officially closed, probably their eldest son (often the records of those who might be alive now were obscured) and Herbert was a builder's labourer. Herbert died in 1982 [Blaeneau Gwent 1982, 2nd qt].

James Handel Owen, born on 26 March 1910, was registered at birth as 'Handel Owen' [Merthyr T. 1910, 2nd qt], but adopted the name 'James Handel Owen'. He married [Bedwellty 1935, 4th qt] Sybil Maud Gould [b Bedwellty 1915, 3rd qt]. In the 1939 Register there were two separate households living at 15 Pembroke Street, Tredegar: one was the Gould family - Isaac Gould, Colliery Haulier Below, born on 22 September 1893, his wife, Sarah J, born on 27 September 1894 and their son, Basil, a shop assistant at a newsagents, born on 8 December 1921: the other household was James H Owen, a colliery hewer, and his wife Sybil M, born on 27 June 1915. In due course James and Sybil had three sons, one of whom, Gerald Owen, born on 18 December 1942 [Bedwellty 1943, 1st qt], died childless, aged only forty-six [Blaeneau Gwent, Nov 1989]. James, himself, was a year younger when he died [Hay 1955, 4th qt] but Sybil lived to be sixty [d Pontypool 1975, 4th qt]. One son is still living & has living descendants. The 2nd son, Alwyn Owen, born in 1944 [Bedwellty 1944, 2nd qt] continued to live in Tredegar until his death in 2015. He left a widow and two sons; there are living descendants.