James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Maurice Handel Owen (1875 - 1948) ... 2

On 8 July 1902 [reg. Newtown 1902, 3rd qt.] Maurice married Margaret Ellen Mills, who had been born on 11 November 1878, the daughter of Evan and Elizabeth Mills (nee Jones) of Llanildloes. Maurice then worked for The Standard Bank of S Africa and I am told that he and Margaret settled in Cape Town; they sailed from Liverpool on 19 July 1902 aboard the Suevic of the White Star Line. The Second Boer War had ended seven weeks earlier but it left South Africa in a poor condition and a financial depression followed, from which it took several years to recover.

Maurice and Margaret's only child, a son, Derwent Holford Owen, known as Taffy, was born in Wynberg, Observatory, about ten kilometres from the city center of Cape Town on 7 November 1902.

Maurice, Margaret and Derwent visited UK in 1909, sailing back to South Africa on the Galeka which left London bound for Cape Town on 11 November 1909. In May 1923, Margaret and Derwent, then a student, returned to England aboard the Suevic when their proposed adresss in UK was going to be 8 High Street, Llanidloes. Margaret died at Aberystwith on Monday, 6 December 1926 [Aberystwith 1926 4th qt]. Her home with Maurice was given at that time as being in High Street, Llanidloes and Maurice was a Bank inspector. Whether the family were living in the Owen family home, where Maurice's half-brother, Thomas William Owen had died in 1923, or at another house in High Street is not clear. Maurice, his employment still given as 'Bank Inspector', returned to South Africa aboard The Carmarthenshire, leaving Southampton on 26 February 1927; his last address in UK was the Bedford Hotel, London W1.

Maurice's second wife was Germaine Josephine Letellier. His granddaughter, thinks they may have had a child. Germain died in Durban, S.A., probably in 1933, and he married lastly Kathleen Marie-Lousie Barnes. Kathleen outlived Maurice who died on the 3 August 1948 in Durban. I am told that all three of Maurice's wives died of cancer.