James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Children of James Owen's second marriage

Following Susannah's death on 1 December 1868 James Owen remarried on Tuesday, 5 April 1870. His bride was the twenty-two year old Mary Morris, a domestic servant living at the time of their marriage in Long Bridge Street, Llanidloes, and the daughter of an innkeeper, John Morris and his wife, Jane, of the New Inn, Trefeglwys, a village about 8 km north of Llanidloes and 12 km west of Newtown.

After James's death Mary continued to live in High Street, Llanidloes, and created an income by taking in boarders. I believe she died in 1921, aged 72 [Newtown 1921, 2nd qt]. In 1921 Thomas William Owen, son of James and Susannah Owen, retired as vicar of Empingham and returned to live in High Street, Llanidloes, with his wife, Annie.

I believe that at least one of the children of this union died in infancy - James and Mary’s first son, James, died at the age of 5 [Newtown 1876 1st qt] - but five sons survived into adulthood.

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