James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

A mystery

Interestingly, the electoral register showed that 41 New Bond Street was occupied by a lady called Maud Knott from before 1920 until at least 1927. Linked to these electoral register entries were the addresses of her 'abode', either 85 Brompton Road (Kensington) or 52A Hans Crescent (Kensington) though she was listed at both these addresses at the same time so she was clearly a lady of property. In 1911, a Maud E Knott, aged 22, of 'private means' was one of six visitors at a property in Paddington. Another visitor was listed as 'Beatrice Montague'. Her maiden name had been 'Emily Beatrice Craston' and she had been born in Bishops Castle, where her father was a railway manager and where Elisha had previously been a railway manager. Despite this coincidence, the more likely Maud Knott to be associated with 41 New Bond Street was the Maud Moore who married Stanley Edward Knott late in 1910. In 1911, the census shows they were occupying from 29 Sloane Street to 47 Pavillion Road (adjacent to or possibly incorporating part of Hans Crescent) and also living there was a French 'showroom assistant', four 'dressmaker assistants' and two 'millinery assistants', together with a housemaid and a cook. Maud was a 'dressmaker and milliner' and Stanley was a 'merchant strawboard'. I believe they subsequently lived at 3 Berkley Square, which was where Stanley died in 1926, leaving an estate worth over £36000, although the evidence suggests that several valuable properties were in Maud's name. I came across a caption to a photograph which read, "Photo shows, gown designed by Miss Wallace at Maud Knott".

Did Effie manage the Bond Street shop for Maud Knott and at what point was the company, "Nigel Ltd" established? Might it have been so-named because Effie's brother Nigel put money into it? So many as yet unasnwered questions.

Effie's death and Bequests

Effie never married. When she died, aged sixty, at Wistanstow on Thursday, 18 July 1929 [Ch Stretton 1929, 3rd qt], she left ‘everything I have at home’ in Wistanstow to Vera, who also inherited her shares in Nigel Ltd. though the money she had in Nigel Ltd. was left to Norman, to go towards his overdraft. Other small bequests went to her sister-in-law ‘Lil’, her mother and her nephew, Trevor. She referred to the family property in Wistanstow as ‘home’ but she may well have stayed in Highgate with her brother Frank and Lil and Trevor; her bequest to Lil included her clothes and ‘everything I possess in Highgate’ except a painting of rhododendrons which she left to Vera.