James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

The opening of the railway 2

On the arrival of the train at Bishop's Castle, the Shrewsbury sax-horn band struck up "See the Conquering Hero Comes", and a procession headed by the band was formed consisting of the committee, shareholders, school¬children, with the workmen and public following in the rear. The town was decorated in various places with triumphal arches in evergreen, flags, banners and mottoes. Guns were fired throughout the day and bells rung. The assemblage, marshalled by Mr. Lucas, painter, and Mr. Howard, schoolmaster, marched through the streets to the Town Hall. Here the Rev. T. F. More addressed the chairman and directors, to which a reply was made by Mr. G. H. Whalley, M.P., chairman of the board of directors. Following this, a company of about 300 sat down to a banquet in a marquee erected on the bowling green adjoining the Castle Hotel, the catering being superintended by Mr. Newbery, the proprietor. ......

The Rev. W. Rowland, Rector of the parish, replying to the loyal toasts given by the Chairman said he had been in that locality 24 years, and no day had dawned upon him so happily as the day on which they were now assembled. He stood there as a clergyman, and he believed that the extension of railways was the means, under God's blessing, of raising our country higher and higher. The Glee "Hail, Smiling Morn" then followed. .......

After several further speeches, a message was read from the M.P. of the district, Mr. R. Jasper More, who regretted his inability to attend owing to the death of Lord Palmerston. The proceedings then terminated, most of the visitors returning to Stretford Bridge. During the day various sports and entertainments were organised for the children, the "navvies" engaged on the construction of the line being entertained to a feast of roast beef, plum pudding and ale. In the evening there was a firework display, and on the following night a public ball was held at the Castle Hotel.”
The Bishop’s Castle Railway 1865-1935, p 11-12