James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

The choir & recalling Thomas

Ernest Mills recalled being a chorister when Thomas was the vicar:

I was compelled to join the Church choir when I could read properly. Whether or not one could sing did not come into it. This meant attending services twice every Sunday and choir practice in a cold church in the week, so I think I can write about the Church for some years back. ……The service the choir most hated was the psalm appointed for the fifteenth evening of the month, Psalm 78 with 73 verses. The choir battled on, the congregation looked bored stiff, Miss Emily Dawson, the organist, struggled to remain upright on her narrow bench and the organ blower, Buller Osborne I believe, pumped away until his back must have ached terribly. But that was the psalm appointed for that day and it wasn’t for us to shorten or change it.
He also wrote about Thomas:
The rector, the Reverend T.W. Owen, known to we youngsters as Tommy Owen, but not in our parents’ hearing, was a small man standing five feet nothing. He had a long white beard and moustache, badly stained by whatever he drank. ....

When out walking to and from the Church or very occasionally in the village, Tommy Owen carried a small walking stick to suit his height and when he met any boy who did not touch his cap Tommy would prod him in the tummy with his stick to remind him of his lack of manners. That’s right, boy, he would say.