James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Presentations to Thomas

On their return from their 'wedding tour' he was welcomed home by members of his congregation who laid on a tea in the County Schoolroom, Leicester, at which Thomas was presented with an illuminated and framed address, reading:

To the Rev. T.W. Owen, Vicar of St. Nicholas. - Rev. and Dear Sir, - We, the members of your congregation, worshipping in St. Nicholas Church, take this opportunity of welcoming you back after your few weeks' absence, and trust that the rest and change have strengthened you for your future work and duties. We also desire to congratulate you on your recent marriage, believing as we do that in the office which you hold as a minister of the Gospel and of Christ, you will be assisted in your work in the church and parish by the helpmate who, we doubt not, will emdeavour to stimulate you in your efforts to discharge the responsible duties of the Vicar of St. Nicholas. We believe that Mrs. Owen, though coming as a stranger amongst us, will find us anxious to make her happy, and in some degree compensate for the friends she has left behind. We each one feel a strong desire for your welfare and hapiness in your home life, and success and prosperity in your work in and for the Church. At the same time we ask you to accept the presents which accompany this address, trusting you receive them as a token of the friendship which has existed in the past, and the seal of the renewal of that friendship for the future. We have only to add the prayer that the blessing of God may rest upon you both, and in the words of the Psalmist, 'May whatsoever you do prosper'. Signed on behalf of the subscribers, B. Watson and H. Webb, churchwardens. [N Wales Chronicle, 21 Dec 1878]
Thomas was then presented with a handsome tea and coffee service and a timepiece from the congregation and other gifts from the choir, the Sunday School teachers and the Sunday School scholars.