James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Gwen's latter years

Gwen and Doris, Morgan’s wife, did not get along - it may be that she was envious of the fact that Doris held a position in the locality similar to that she had held in Montgomeryshire. There was a major altercation when Doris found Gwen showing friends around Willington Hall without asking. Gwen had a very sharp tongue and, like her father and her brother Morgan, could be extremely impatient.

After Hugh's death, she often stayed with her brother, Gethin, and occasionally with friends. In about 1956 she made the acquaintance of a Miss Baker – a chance encounter in the butcher's – a retired governess in need of accommodation and Gwen invited her to stay for a couple of weeks – this became years … and rent-free. The irony was that several of the Morgan-Owens, including Gwen, detested Roman Catholicism and Miss Baker was Roman Catholic; Gwen had stipulated in her will that that no one who was Roman Catholic or who had married a Roman Catholic was to benefit under the will. Eventually Miss Baker became senile and there was an accident with a stair carpet which caused Gwen to fall and break her hip. As a result, Gwen was chair-bound for the rest of her life but I am told that she never complained, even when this caused great discomfort in later life. However, she was furious when she found out that she had been resuscitated when her heart had stopped during an operation. At that stage she simply wanted to die, to join her parents, her siblings and her past pets.

In old age she lived alone until December 1976, though various members of the family would stay with her, and she was very frugal. When the carpet wore out she painted in the pattern, blankets were hung as curtains and she ate very little though she always had goose at Christmas. She seldom bought clothes and was still wearing things from the 1920’s until she died. She was known as 'Old Old' or 'AG'. She was devoted to animals; she left money to the PDSA and, as she had requested, when she died her pets were put down and buried with her. She died on 14 April 1978 at the home of her nephew John Gethin Morgan-Owen in Hampshire.