James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Gethin's Letter home

On 12 April, Gurth's brother Gethin wrote to their parents:

Dearest Mother & Father,

I went out yesterday with the officer of the 7th N. Staffs Lt A.C. Dingley, to hold a service over poor Gurth’s grave and to put up a cross. We could not get to the place until after dark, owing to enemy’s fire; but when light failed we had a service, and I crawled out & put up a small cross, made of thick tin which had on it, painted in black:-

In memory of
2nd Lieutenant J.G. Morgan-Owen
4th South Wales Borderers
Killed in action on April 9th 1916.

His grave is the only one which has a cross over it among the many there.

The Rev E. Teale, Church of England Chaplin to the 40th Brigade, held the service, & Brig Gen A.C. Lewin, Commanding 40th Brigade, Lt Dingley and myself were there. The grave is about 10 yds in the rear of the Trench, & is in the midst of nice green grass.

I feel so sad about it Mother & Father darling; but we have the consolation that he died a soldiers death, doing his duty…..”