James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Enlistment & war service

MM Morgan-Owen, army After university Morgan became a teacher at Forest School, Forest Rise, Walthamstow, a school with about seventy pupils. This allowed him time to play football. He was also a member of the Territorial Army, Essex Regiment (1905 – 1914). From 1905 he had already served with the Essex Regiment as a territorial and from May 1909 he was a local captain in the O.T.C.; he started teaching at Repton School that year. He appears to have been made a full Captain on 28 September 1910. I am told he was on his way to Wales - it was during the school holidays - when war was declared and that his father told him to go back and join up. He did so as soon as the recruiting office opened three days later. On 5 August 1914 he became a Captain in the 1/4th Battalion, Essex Regiment which had been formed that month. It became part of the Essex Brigade, East Anglian Division, a Territorial Force Division, which, in May 1915, became 161st Brigade, 54th Division.