James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Incidents on tour

A report of the club’s summer tour to Canada and the USA that same year began The side that travelled to Canada and the U.S.A. was probably the finest Corinthian team ever to leave these shores. I believe some squally weather during the transatlantic crossing from Liverpool to Quebec aboard the Empress of Britain made Morgan quite ill but worse was to follow; there were no rooms booked at one stop-over, a train delay resulted in the team keeping a crowd of several thousand waiting for an hour and a half, and the side had to obtain new outfits when all their luggage was lost in transit between two matches. Corinthians won the first nineteen games of the tour, some by huge margins, but were eventually beaten in the penultimate game, by which time they were down to a squad of twelve players. In the final game Morgan scored the goal that gave Corinthians a 1-1 draw.

Both Morgan and his brother Hugh went on the short Easter tour to Paris in 1908. The following Easter Morgan was one of twelve players who enjoyed another short tour to Prague and Switzerland. In the last minute of the goalless first game against Slavia Prague a Prague player kicked the ball against a Corinthian’s shoulder and the referee pointed to the penalty spot. There followed a heated period when both teams argued with the referee against the decision and a 15 000 crowd awaited the outcome. At length, a Corinthian rushed up, grabbed the ball, faced the crowd and glared his defiance at the referee, who promptly blew his whistle for full time. The goalless draw meant that the Corinthians remained unbeaten in Europe.

A less threatening incident occurred in Geneva later in the tour. The authorities had heard that tea was acceptable at half time and, anxious to afford generous hospitality to the prestigious team of Corinthians, prepared an enormous meal and then asked the tourists respectfully if an interval of three-quarters of an hour was sufficient!