James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Births and deaths

Jessie and Edward had three children, two of whom died in childhood .

Their first son, Alec Owen Magrath, was born in 1897 [Aston, 1897, 1st qt] and died on 29 February 1908 when he was eleven [King’s Norton 1908, 1st qt]. The cause of death was given as congenital heart disease, pneumonia and syncope. ('syncope' is, like fainting, a loss of awareness of oneself and of one's surroundings). At the time of his death the family was living at “Chepstow”, School Road, Moseley, Kings Norton.

Their second son, Donald Magrath, was born on Monday, 20 June 1898. In 1901 the family was living at 30 Charles Road, Aston, Birmingham. A third son, Robert Roy Magrath, was born in 1903 [Aston 1903, 3rd qt] but died aged 6 months on 29 January 1904 [Aston 1904, 1st qt] of pneumonia and heart failure. The family was still living at 30 Charles Road in 1904.

Like his father who died when he was fifty-seven, Edward died comparatively young - he was only fifty-two - on 6 February 1923 [King's N. 1923, 1st qt] but he was a wealthy man; his estate was valued at over £5500. The family was still living at "Chepstow" when. Jessie died, aged 63, in 1931 [Birmingham S. 1931, 2nd qt]. When she died there must have been a small residue of Edward's estate to be settled and in January 1932 Aministration for this was granted to their son, Donald.