James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Barbara Alice Rawlinson (1913- NK )

David and Catherine had at least one daughter Barbara Alice Rawlinson [b. reg. Headington, 1913, 3rd qt.] She used to visit Llanidloes and is remembered by people living there. Barbara married Roy Hamer Birtles [reg Oxford 1939, 1st qt as 'Bartles']. He was the same age as her and perhaps he had been a student at Oxford when they met; he was both BA and BSc.

Following their marriage they lived in South Africa. There is a record of them returning from there to UK aboard Athlone Castle in June 1940. Roy was then working for ICI as a Chemist and their intended address in UK was the "Fertilizer and Synthetic Products Division, ICI, Billingham, Co. Durham". Billingham is very near where I believe Roy and Barbara were living in the mid 1940s: 14 Fieldfare Lane, Norton, Stockton-on-Tees. R H Birtles and G C Hampson had published research findings [J., 1937, 10; 1939, 981] referred to in the Chemistry Society's Annual Report into Progress in Chemistry (1941). From about 1949 to about 1970, Roy and Barbara were living at 6 Russellcroft Road, Welwyn Garden City, while Roy was working for ICI Ltd (Plastics Division). In 1955 he presented a paper at the British Plastics Convention, held in conjunction with the British Plastics Exhibition at Olympia, London, (1 June - 11 June, 1955). Roy was granted probate in Oxford for two of his maiden aunts who died in Llanidloes in 1958 and 1960. In 1965 a patent was issued in Canada for a process Roy of ICI had invented, relating to polymers and polypropylene.

I have found no records for Barbara or Roy in UK after 1970. They must have returned to live in South Africa as this is where their deaths are registered.

There appear to be no living descendants from Jemima Owen's line.