James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Catherine Ann Jones (1883-1964)

William and Jemima's fifth daughter, Catherine Ann Jones (known as Cassie, I believe), was born on 5 July 1883. In 1912 [Newtown 1912, 3rd qt] she married David Rawlinson and I was told that they moved to Oxford, where he held a high position in the administration of the city of Oxford. David, the son of William and Alice Rawlinson, had been born on 23 December 1879 in Haslingden, Lancashire and had been a twenty-one year-old solicitor’s clerk in 1901 and in 1911 was a solicitor, boarding in Oxford.

The Aberystwyth Observer, 8 July 1909, in the Llanidloes section, reported: "LAW SUCCESS.—We are glad to announce that Mr David Rawlinson, of Llanidloes, has successfully passed his solicitor's final examination. Mr Rawlinson has for the last five years been articled with Mr John Davies, of the firm of Messrs J. and A. Davies. He has become a very popular figure in Llanidloes, having taken a prominent part in all the departments of his principal's office, viz. town clerk's office, clerk to the borough and county justices, and registrar of the County Court."

In 1939 the couple was living at 116 Old Road, Oxford, next door to the Crown and Thistle inn, and with them was Catherine's sister, Sarah Jane Bowger, stating that she was a widow. David was still a solicitor.

David, of 25 Russell Croft Road, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, died, aged 80, on 27 March 1960 in the City Hospital, St Albans [St Albans 1960, 1st qt] and Catherine, aged 82, in 1964 [Hatfield 1964, 4th qt]; they are both buried at Llanidloes (Dolhafren) Cemetery. Their daughter was living at 6 Russellcroft Road with her husband who worked for ICI in Welwyn Garden City.