James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Margaret Jones (c1873-1956)

William and Jemima's second child, Margaret Jones (aka Maggie), was born in about 1873. She was a dressmaker in 1891 and also in 1901, when she was 26, though she had been recorded as 17 and as 7 in the previous two censuses. After their mother’s death in 1900 she and her sister were living at The Close (New Street), Llanidloes, in 1901.

In 1911 Margaret was living in The Close (New Street), Llanidloes with her three sisters - all were unmarried - but in 1922, when she and her sister, Elizabeth, were witnesses to the will of their uncle Thomas William Owen, who had returned to live in Llanidloes when he retired, she was 'Margaret Owen'. A Llanidloes historian thought she had married John Owen, a postmaster at Abergele, and that the couple had moved back to live in a house called ‘Aubigny’, off Dollys Road, after John retired. In fact the man she married in 1919 was called Owen Owen [Newtown 1919, 3rd qt]. Presumably they had exchanged letters while he was serving in France in WWI as they married soon after his return.

In the 1901 census Owen, aged 23, had been a post office clerk, living in Bethel Street, Llanidloes, with his parents and four brothers. His father, Charles, was a rural postman, as was one of his brothers and the residence of the next household in the census was Great Oak Street Post Office. On 18 March 1903, Owen had married Edith Hughes and they were living at Llanidloes Post Office when their children George Emlyn Owen (b 22 Jan 1905, [d Wirral 1970, 3rd qt]) and Elizabeth (b 4 Dec 1907) were born. When Owen enlisted as a sapper in the Royal Engineers in September 1915 he was aged 38 years 3 months and was a sub-postmaster, living at "Idloes House", Abergele, Denbighshire. He was a widower - I believe Edith had died at Llanidloes the year before, aged thirty-five - and his next of kin was his older sister, Mary Owen, of the same address. Owen had been trained as an office telegraphist at the Signal School at Fenny Stratford, Bletchley, and had gone to France in January 1916. In September 1917 he had been transferred to the Royal Corps of Signals HQ. In December 1917 a short leave had been extended for a year and he had eventually returning permanently to UK in April 1919.

Owen Owen of "Aubigny", Llanidloes, died, aged 68, on 27 March 1946 [Newtown, 1946, 1st qt] and Margaret was granted Probate (Estate: £1782-15s-10d). She continued to live at "Aubigny" and died, aged 82, on 23 March 1856 [Newtwown, 1956, 1st qt]. Probate for her was granted to George Owen, coal merchant, and David Clifford Owen, grocer (Estate: £2725-17s-2d).