James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Elizabeth Susannah Jones (1871-1950)

William and Jemima's eldest daughter was Elizabeth Susannah Jones (aka Lizzie). She was born on 26 June 1871 and given her maternal grandmother's name as her middle name; Susannah had died two and a half years earlier. Elizabeth became a teacher; in 1891 she was not with her family but, aged nineteen, she was already a teacher and living with a family called Morgan in Langurig, Montgomeryshire. Subsequently she taught at the Church of England (National) School, Llanidloes.

These pages provide an insight into the schooldays of Elizabeth and her siblings, as well as into her time as a teacher.

Glan Severn, Llanidloes After their mother’s death in 1900 she and her unmarried sisters were living in The Close (New Street), Llanidloes, in 1901 and in 1911. Elizabeth never married and ended her days living in a large house, ‘Glansevern’, near the junction of Dollys and Woodlands Roads, Llanidloes, where she lived with her unmarried sister Emma and her widowed sister Sarah Jane.

In 1922 she and her sister Margaret were witnesses to the will of their uncle Thomas William Owen, who returned to live in Llanidloes when he retired.

In 1939 Elizabeth, a retired teacher, and her sister Emma, still teaching, were living at "Glansevern". She was living there when she died on 22 October 1950 [Newtown 1950, 4th qt], aged 78; she is buried in Llanidloes (Dolhafren) Cemetery. Probate was granted to her sister Emma.