James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Gwyn's final years

Gwyn Owen in old age Gwyn subsequently moved into a home in Blanshard Street, Victoria and then to ‘The Lodge at Broadmead’ where some beds are funded by Veterans' Affairs Canada and where he was very happy though having to cope with some of the infirmities of old age. His daughters both lived nearby. Gwyn has written accounts of some of his experiences and he and his father researched some of the family history. He has boxes of family photographs and other family memorabilia, which were fascinating to look through. All this material was most helpful to me and provided me with some unmatched photographs, particularly those of past members of the Owen family.

Sadly, Gwyn died on his eighty-sixth birthday, 18 January 2003. He did not live to see this family history in its entirety but he did have copies of the sections about his direct line. He is now buried in the graveyard at Holy Trinity at Patricia Bay alongside his wife Rosemary.

Gwyn and Rosemary are survived by their two sons and two daughters and by their descendants.