James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Return & death of Rosemary

Gwyn & Rosemary Owen They had plans to open a charter service in the Bay of Islands but, partly due to their own advancing years, these never materialised and they sold Kittiwake 2, visiting Canada on the proceeds. Shortly after their return to Kerikeri Gwyn suffered a heart attack and this threw into doubt their plans to continue running the orchard. As property prices were buoyant they eventually decided to sell up and move to Auckland.

Gwyn & Rosemary in old age Having bought a house in Thatcher Street, Auckland, they set off for a four-month tour of Europe, a 'trip of a lifetime' for Rosemary who had always wanted to visit England. Six months after their return to New Zealand they again sold up and returned to Canada. Rosemary, who had initially had reservations about going to New Zealand, had grown to love it and it was quite a wrench to leave, and to leave behind two of their children. However, in May 1980 they bought a house in Sooke (map). Property values had soared and it was only a simple box-like building but they worked hard to give it its own character. Rosemary always created a beautiful garden wherever they lived. She had great energy and had to keep busy; at the end of the day she would ask her children, "What have you achieved today?" Unfortunately, possibly as a result of drugs she took for glaucoma, she had respiratory problems and Gwyn had had his heart attack so early in the 1990s their youngest daughter who had by then also moved back to live in Victoria, bought a house in Wellington Road, Victoria, which she and they could share; the top storey was at street level and this was where Rosemary and Gwyn lived. Rosemary died in 1998 and is buried at Holy Trinity Church, Patrick Bay (map).