James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Move to New Zealand

They spent almost a year in the suburbs of Orewa, just north of Auckland, while they looked around for a home more to their liking. They found a small orchard property, ‘Capeview’, at Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands where for five years a citrus orchard helped to augment their investment income.

Gwyn joined the Royal N. Z. Yacht Club and bought an ocean going yacht, Kittywake II (below) from England. He and an experienced yachtsman, Gerry Clark, who lived in Kerikeri went to England to take delivery of the yacht and sailed it back to New Zealand by way of Panama. Gwyn wrote an account of their voyage and a poem:

Yache, Kittywake II The land lies behind.
The sea is clean and restless,
Always hurrying somewhere.
My boat, this home, moves daily slowly westward
Pressed by wind on sail, now strong, now gentle,
To where my wife and children wait in comfortable beds,
They do not move.
And why? -
I only know I must.
The sands of time I enter for nigh on six months
Are filled with knowledge.
How much I learn only God can tell,
Whither I go only the sea can guide.
This transient, land borne life, forever changing,
Is not enough to satisfy a man.
In comfort, rest; in restlessness, find learning.