James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Repatriation & marriage

Rosemary Bradley-Dyne, 1943 Gwyn & Rosemary wedding Gwyn sailed back via Suez, the Med, Gibraltar to Warrington in England and in June the ‘Ile de France’ took him to New York. He enjoyed a visit to Toronto before going to join his parents in Victoria, BC, where they were then living. He was sent to a station at Cape St. James on the southern tip of the Queen Charlotte Islands for the last few months of the war with Japan; his memorabilia from that period include the last air force flag to fly over Cape St James and a Kukri from Dahjeeling. His medals include the 1939/43 Star, the Canadian Service Medal and Clasp, the Defence Medal and the Burma Star. As CO of the station he had the job of closing it down and returning all the personnel and equipment to Alliford Bay, Queen Charlottes, and it was there that he met (Harriet) Rosemary Bradley-Dyne (left), a nursing sister. Within six months both had been demobilised – Gwyn was transferred to RCAF Reserve, on 15 October 1945 - and they were married; this was on 18 February 1946 at Holy Trinity Church, Patricia Bay (map).

They lived for a month in a garden cottage on her mother’s property at Patricia Bay but shortly after Gwyn got a job with the firm of A. E. Ames & Co., stockbrokers, they moved to Victoria. He stayed with this firm for two and a half years during which time their their first two children, a girl and a boy, were born. Gwyn then worked for the newly formed Pacific Naval Laboratory at Esquimalt (map), a station of the Defence Research Board. He rose rapidly from general handyman helper to storeman to technician assigned to seawater corrosion research. He was also at this time a technical training officer with the Victoria Reserve Squadron (radar) R.C.A.F.

In the summer of 1952 they sold their house in Wordsworth Street, Victoria and bought a big old house on Benvenuto Avenue, Brentwood (map). Eighteen months later Rosemary’s mother by adoption, Katherine Bradley-Dyne, died leaving her house and thirty acres of land to Rosemary and Gwyn. They moved into the property that was to be called "Beaumaris".