James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Gwynnedd Morrison Owen

Gwyn Owen in CRAF Frank and Amy's son Gwynnedd Morrison Owen was born on 18 January 1917 in Victoria. He moved with his parents to Toronto when he was a few weeks old and lived there until he was twenty-four. His early schooling was at a little Dames school, sharing a tutor with three or four other boy in a private home. At the age of nine he passed an entrance examination and was admitted to the University of Toronto Schools where he completed his schooling but never matriculated; his parents were struggling to make ends meet and he had to leave school a month before the end of the summer term in order to secure a job as a clerk with the National Trust Company.

His father instilled in him a love of music and taught him, as best he could, to play the piano. The piano he was bought for about $80 in the early 1930s stayed in his possession for at least fifty years. He passed the Junior Piano Examination – equivalent to junior matriculation - at the Toronto Conservatory of Music. He also sang in several choirs, firstly in his church choir then in the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir under Dr. Fricker and for three seasons in the late 1930s with the Toronto Opera Guild.

Gwyn was very much a loner in his childhood with few close friends; he enjoyed long walks and cycle rides on his own. In the summer of 1930 he had what he described as the biggest experience of his childhood when his father took him to England for two months. Apart from that, as a child he never ventured beyond cycling around Toronto and southern Ontario.

Here are pictures of Gwyn as a child.

Most of this account of Gwyn's life comes from the several pages of biography that he wrote.