James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Anne Danby (1938 - 2014)

Anne Danby Anne Danby was born on 21 July 1938, forty minutes after the birth of her twin, Sally. As children, they were very different, not only in hair colouring - Sally's hair was dark and Anne's much lighter - but also in character. Their upbringing is described here but, whilst Sally was quite happy with their relative isolation in childhood, Anne resented it and, whilst Sally was intimidated by their father, Anne was not. Although Sally told me she never let her twin forget who was the eldest, Anne was the more feisty!

Pickstone marriage Anne initially worked as an accountant's assistant. She was nineteen when she married (left) Geoffrey Pickstone, a policeman, on 18 October 1957 in Wentworth, Yorkshire. Geoff and Anne were both involved in Ruth's youth drama group. They had three children and adopted a fourth. The marriage ended in 1970. Both subsequently remarried and, independently, emigrated to New Zealand. Anne, the four children and her second husband, John Terence Snowden [m Rotherham 1974, 3rd qt] (photo bottom right), left England, on 26 August 1975 but, subsequently, Anne and John separated.

Snowden marriage Anne lived in various parts of Auckland - Bucklands Beach, Epsom, One Tree Hill and Mount Wellington. In the 1990s she moved to Thames, to the north of North Island. There, for five years, she ran a shop, Tararu Store in Tararu Road before moving to Tatahi Street in Te Puru on the beautiful Coromandel Coast near Thames; her first husband lived nearby. At one time Anne lived with her adopted daughter and family in Manaukau City, Auckland, and at other times with one or both of her sons.

Like Sally, Anne suffered ill health in her later years and, though they were not very close, she appears to have been much affected by the loss of her twin. She died on the night of 24 April 2014, less than a year after Sally's death.