James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Hard times, old age & death

Sally was left to cope with the final demands and the bailiffs. She got a job locally doing secretarial work and she paid off what she could with her inheritance from her mother but still lost the house she had worked so hard to renovate. The outstanding debts were eventually written off but Sally had no more savings and was on Income Support. She was allowed to live in a little semi-derelict cottage, working for the owner in lieu of rent. When she reached the age of sixty she was eligible for a council bungalow where she lived out her days with her pet dogs; she bred dogs to supplement her income. She suffered from osteoporosis as well as arthritis, which resulted in her breaking both her legs during the 1990’s and, later, breaking her wrist. She divorced John in 1999. She had one ‘luxury’, a car, but living deep in rural Lincolnshire and suffering as she did from arthritis this was more of a necessity.

After the Millennium, Sally was gravely ill and spent some weeks in hospital. She survived but continued to suffer ill health, particularly emphysema, thereafter. In May 2013 she was again so ill that she was admitted to Scunthorpe General Hospital and it was here that she died on 4 June. Sally never wanted children when she was first married but she later regretted her decision not to have a family.

She is survived by her two sisters, one of whom was her twin, and by descendants of that twin.