James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants

Ethical Considerations of Y Plant Bran

To be meditated upon whilst alone, or sometimes at the Full Moon meetings.

Let us never use set forms of words, prayers or formulae, without thinking deeply on their meaning.
Let us always aim to be conscious of our divinity, and not fall short of it; and help us to realise the divinity present in all others.
May our pleasure and mirth be pure light, which casts no shadows on others.
Give us compassion for those we cannot like, that in trying to understand, we may come to love them.
Let us remember that the tongue can be a sharp blade.
Do not let us selfishly seek our own salvation, we are part of creation, and the part cannot be saved alone.
Honour the creeds of all men, each finds what he is ready for. We have at times held many different creeds, and all Gods of Light are one God.
May we truly enjoy all your good gifts, and cherish them, remembering their source. Let us accept them with no false modesty.
In the past, man gave you offerings of blood and life, food and drink. These things already belong to you, they are not ours to give. But we may give you the true sacrifice of ourselves by accepting the life we have agreed to live this time; not as martyrdom but as a lovely gift, thanking you for this chance and enjoying it.
We do not dismiss what we invoke, as we endeavour to live in and contain, the Godhead.
Nothing is ‘not my affair’, or I should not have come to knowledge of it.
Help us not to lose ourselves in the maze of words; our own or those of others, written or spoken.
Show us the pattern of our lives and help us to follow it, however intricate it turns out to be.
I am personally responsible for all that I do and must atone for everything myself.
Take no oaths - do you not speak the truth?
Those who require oaths have no trust, and are so little advanced that they cannot read men's hearts.
May we never be afraid to change our ideas and opinions in the light of experience, ours, or that of others.