James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Reginald widowed & remarried

Elaine Owen's 1st birthday RW Owen & children, Aug 1925 Over the next four years Nellie’s illness caused considerable swelling of tissue so she appeared overweight. Reginald too became ill with jaundice. Mary Tyson, as ever, provided stalwart support for Reginald and the family. The children were staying with her when, on 2 September 1924, Nellie died. Reginald came down to Ifield and took Ruth, the eldest, aside to break the news. He then took all three of them for a walk down to the river and told the other two. None of the children went to the funeral and, because it was feared in those days that cancer was contagious, the children never returned to Farraline House. They moved to a lovely house called 'Summerlands' in Mill Lane, Epsom, not far from the railway. Tom Wells, a well-known film actor and racehorse owner, had his stables in the lane behind the house - his horse 'April 5th' won the Derby while they lived there.

Lily Mabel Tomkinson RW Owen & LM Klipsch wedding Reginald was working at Euston when he met again (Lily) Mabel Tomkinson (then Mrs. Klipsch) whom he had known in Liverpool. She was very sporty and she and Reginald had belonged to the same tennis club in Liverpool. The first time she was taken to meet Reginald’s young children they were very impressed by her ability to do cartwheels! She had been deserted by her first husband, Frederick Arthur Klipsch, who had never returned to her after the Great War; it was thought he had gone to Australia with his son from his first marriage, Thomas Arthur Klipsch. In fact he married for a third time in 1921. In 1930 he did go to New Zealand, and then alone, apparently to join his son Thomas. Mabel and Reginald married at Epsom Register Office on 18 January 1926. The witnesses were Mabel’s sister Ethel, her mother Elizabeth and William H. Hamlyn. To the children Lily Mabel was known as 'mother'; they referred to their biological mother as 'mummy'. Mabel also had a son Paul from her first marriage.