James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Interests and travels

Reginald Wynn Owen

Once Reginald had qualified he was apparently short-listed for the Professorship of Architecture at Liverpool University but was rejected because of the faculty's concern about his one eye. Abercromby, with whom Reginald had worked, was appointed and by a sad irony, he too subsequently lost the sight in one eye. Incidentally, in his twenties, Reginald met a brilliant Dutchman who made and fitted a glass eye for him.

Reginald Wynn Owen However, Reginald’s sketch books show how much he enjoyed drawing, particularly drawing detailed sketches of churches and other buildings of architectural interest. He was also a keen photographer; his photographs and sketches reveal many of his travels; these included trips to Wales, to the Lake District, to Belgium and Holland, all over England and and, later, to South Africa.

Here are some of his sketches.

His other loves were music and singing; I know he took singing lessons after he was married. It was a love he later shared with his first wife.