James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Allendale Church 1922 It was generally agreed that Os’s preferment to be rector of Allendale, just west of Newcastle, was a major step up in his career. Allendale had its own branch line and was a health resort and a centre of lead mining. Like Berwick, it was surrounded by beautiful countryside but it was very different from Berwick in having no garrison and no port.

Os was inducted at St. Cuthbert’s Church on the afternoon of 11 February 1909. The 1911 census shows the Owen family living at The Rectory, Allendale, though the three older daughters were staying with their maternal grandmother. However, there was another daughter, Gwendoline Cruickshank Owen [b Hexham, 1911, 2nd qt] (Edith’s mother’s maiden name was Cuickshank), who was less than a month old, and there was a ‘wet nurse and midwife’ in residence as well as a cook. Tragically, Gwendoline lived less than a year [d Hexham 1911, 4th qt]. Soon afterwards their fifth daughter, Ruth M Owen, suffered a similar fate [b Hexham 1912, 4th qt – d Hexham 1913, 1st qt].

Glyn 5 Os remained at Allendale until 1918 when he moved to a very different parish as priest in charge of St. Mary the Virgin, in the West End of Newcastle.

The photo (right - no enlargement) shows Os (on the right) with his brother Reginald by the lych gate at their sister Mary's house, 'Glyn'. This lych gate no doubt reminded Os of the St Cuthbert's Church Lych Gate War Memorial in Allendale. Though it was officially unveiled two years after he had left the district for nearby Newcastle, he would, no doubt, have returned to Allendale to read the 22 names of local men who lost their lives in WW1, some or all of whom he would have known.    >