James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Oswald Williams Owen (1870-1939)

Oswald Williams Owen At this point we return to the children of Elijah and Elizabeth Owen. Their fourth child was Oswald Williams Owen, known as 'Os', who was born in Glanogwen in 1870. He attended Hatfield Hall, Durham University where it was reported in October 1890 in The Yorkshire Herald and York Herald that he had passed his first year exams. He then graduated B.A. 1891 (one of only 23 students graduating at the ceremony in Castle Hall, Durham), L. Th. 1892, M.A. 1903 and was ordained a priest in 1896; the ordination was at Chester Cathedral on 9 June.

Os is said to have played hockey for England (or Wales). He was curate of St John Brooklands (or Baguley), Cheshire, from 1895 to 1897 and of Berwick on Tweed from 1897 to 1909. In the 1901 census he was living alone at 41 Woolmarket, Berwick on Tweed and he was still there when he married Edith Margaret Hogarth Clay at Berwick on 12 January 1904. Although her father died young, she came from quite an affluent family.

Os and Edith had a daughter Elizabeth Jean Edith Owen (aka Elsie Jean Edith Owen) [b. Berwick 1905, 2nd qt] and then twins Margaret Hogarth Owen and Dorothy Mary Owen (b. 15 March 1907). (see family photos). There were also two daughters who survived less than a year, the first being Gwendoline Cruickshank Owen [b Hexham, 1911, 2nd qt - d Hexham 1911, 4th qt]. In the 1911 census, when their mother would have been heavily pregnant, the older daughters were staying with their maternal grandmother. Soon afterwards their sister, Ruth M Owen, suffered a similar fate to that of Gwendoline [b Hexham 1912, 4th qt – d Hexham 1913, 1st qt].

None of the three surviving daughters married. Elsie, died on 25 September 1962, leaving an estate of £11000 with probate granted to Lloyds Bank Ltd. She was then living at 26 Westminster Road, Davyhulme, a good-sized semi-detached house in a leafy suburb of Manchester. Margaret also never married and died in 1970 [Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1970, 2nd qt]. Dorothy lived to be seventy-nine [d Knowsley, Apr 1984]. I was told that one of the daughters was lame and ran a dancing school, supplying some of the dancers for London pantomimes but, as yet, I know very little about this family; Dorothy may have been the Dorothy Mary Owen in the WRNS in WWII.   >