James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Gethyn Wynn Owen (1921-1991)

Gethin Owen, 1926 Gethin Owen in army Eyton and Nora's second son, Gethyn Wynn Owen, was born in Greytown on 2 April 1921 and was educated at the same schools as his brother. He was very energetic and had a good sense of humour. He was a keen athlete, winning the mile and half-mile events at Michaelhouse, and a very good hockey player (wing); he played for Berea Rovers. He was also interested in veteran cars and, in later life enjoyed gardening and playing golf. In the Second World War he was in the technical services and was trained at Cape Town before serving in North Africa and Italy but seeing no action. He worked in a Sugar Mill in Amatikuku, Zululand for a few years. He was then a Cost Clerk in the steel industry with Bartle & Co before transferring to sales. He continued to work in sales within the steel industry for Baldwins in Durban and became their Regional Manager in Pietermaritzburg. He moved around with his work, living in Bainsfield, Natal, then Durban, Pietermaritzburg and finally in Merrivale Heights, Natal.

When he was working at Bartle & Co., he met his future wife, Margaret Heathcote Bird, and they married in 1950. They initially lived in Durban before moving to Merrivale Heights. They shared an interests in vintage cars, motor rallying and golf.

Gethyn travelled to England in 1965 and again in 1984, when he met Hugh and Emilia Owen, my parents and Eric and Winifred Wynn-Owen.

For ten years, Gethyn and his wife lived next door to his sister and her family in Merrivale Heights and it was there on 24 January 1991 that Gethyn suffered a fatal heart attack. He is survived by his widow now who lives in a retirement home at Howick. There are also living descendants.

The only surviving child of Eyton and Nora is their daughter and she too has living descendants.