James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Marriage, family & death

Eyton P Owen wedding The Owen children Eyton had assistants to help in his teaching and these included his wife, Kathleen Nora Becker, known as Nora. He was forty-nine when they married in Greytown on 15 July 1918 and she was twelve years his junior. They had three children; Eyton Pritchard Owen (b. 29 June 1919), known as Taffy, Gethyn Wynn Owen (b. 2 April 1921) and a daughter. Nora was the matron at the school as well as a teacher and she also brought up her nephew Fleetwood Becker and her divorced niece’s son Jack Becker (Dalton). She was artistic, played piano and loved gardening. She and Eyton made a very good team. (see more family photos).

Nora cultivated a large vegetable garden, which supplied the school and a large flower garden from which flowers were sold to supplement the income from the school fees of £12 per term. There were between thirty and forty pupils, almost all of them being weekly boarders. She also found the time to act in amateur productions and she was almost always given the comedy parts in plays in Greytown.

Eyton P Owen Eyton Owen plaque Eyton died on 25 June 1950 at the age of eighty-one. He had been a lay preacher and member of the choir at St. James’s Church, Greytown for over thirty years. The children used to walk from the school to church every Sunday. There is a brass plaque at the church commemorating Eyton’s name and his work.

Nora was quite happy to live on her own as a widow. In old age she once had to turn away from the house the young coloured, boyfriend of one of her maids; he was drunk and making threats and later that evening he murdered another old lady. Nora died on 9 May 1962.