James Owen of Penrhos

and his descendants
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Clara Owen (c1867-1922)

Clara Owen Elijah and Elizabeth’s second child was Clara Owen. She was born in about 1867 [Bangor 1867, 1st qt]. She was the only member of the family to have red hair, which was said to be ‘a throw back’, though to whom was never stated. She used to visit the families of her brothers and sisters but I know little about her. She played the harmonium at her father's Anglesey church. In 1901 she was living with her mother and several of her siblings at 24 Oxford Street, Waterloo, near Liverpool and had no occupation. I believe she was living at 45 Marston Street, Oxford in 1915 at the time she wrote her will though she wrote it at the home of her brother, Reginald. She died on 18 May 1922 of ‘Valvular Heart Disease’ at the home of James Oriel Morgan, Hafod, Tregaron, Cardiganshire. She was fifty-five. Her home address then was 48 Portland Place, Aberystwyth and at that time she was again ‘of no occupation’. Her brother Reginald was her designated executor.

Clara Owen - dresser Clara Owen My mother and uncle recalled her visiting them when they were very small children and she told them the most frightening, unsuitable stories. My mother speculated that Clara might have been a little retarded. A cousin has a piece of oak furniture (left) that has been in the Owen family for many years. He was told that only the left of its two panels was carved by one of Reginald Owen’s sisters – Clara or Edith seem the most likely candidates – but that she found the oak so hard she never carved the second panel.

I have only two photos of Clara in adult life and one, of very poor quality, was taken when her brother Reginald and family were on holiday in Aberystwyth the year before she died.